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More Islamic manipulation of our schools

Why is this happening, why is the Association of Teachers campaigning for all other children who take school exams to fit in with Muslim students because of Ramadan.

This association wants all students to take early morning exams because Muslim students would be disadvantaged due to fasting during ramadan - anything to please the Islamic faith.

I am curious as to just how many of the teachers who are members of the (ATL) Association of Teachers are of the Islamic persuasion, and does this fit the pattern of Islamic influence shown in as many as 25 schools in Birmingham.

The stupidity of this proposal is obvious, it is quite clearly stated in the Koran that children do not have to fast during ramadan therefore the following argument is completely debunked.

He said it was 'highly unlikely' that exam boards will change summer timetables - but added: 'JCQ have said that they will work collaboratively on a timetable with Muslim groups to review whether a balance of morning and afternoon slots for large entry exams is more appropriate, or just morning slots.'

It is thought that this could mean that schools would be forced to schedule GCSE and A-level exams taken by large numbers of students, including maths and English, in the morning only.

Abdul Choudhury, an ATL member from Tower Hamlets, London, said Ramadan will have 'quite an effect on a number of schools across our country' compared to the last time it fell during exams season, around 25 years ago.

'We have quite a significant number of Muslim students and I have no doubt whatsoever that standards will be affected by this,' he said.

Read more:

If this is the level of knowledge possessed by our teachers regarding Islam then it it is utterly pathetic, and Mr Choudhury knows this, he and his cohorts are working a con on the other teachers and education authorities in order to get preferential treatment for Muslim students, and to provide an excuse for what could be poor results from that group of students.

If this scheme were to be adopted it would merely be the predecessor for more Islamic incursions into the education system of the UK(such as it is).

Parliament and local authorities are now completely corrupt, without credibility and devoid of honour

Just how far does the situation have to deteriorate to before the ruling classes - ie our national and local government actually realize that something is radically wrong in the UK, we have people overtly urinating in our streets, shops opening for "Asian" people  actually purpose built for them, clearly non "Asians" are not welcome.

We have a state of crisis in our schools - Muslims are doing all they can to impose Islamic teachings and codes in at least 25 schools in Birmingham, they oust the incumbent head teacher, strike fear into the minds of parents, rig the governors and then start imposing sharia codes of behaviour, this of course is Muslims doing what Muslims are supposed to do, the crime is being committed by all those who dare not challenge or put a stop to this kind of thing.

This situation is to be examined by the education committee

Then we have the situation in Tower Hamlets London, here a Muslim council run by Luftur Rahman has completely taken over the borough and have long been linked to terror organizations - nothing has ever happened until now - Downing street is supposedly going to probe into the running of Tower Hamlets.

So, these two situations are going to be looked into, what does that mean, well I think it means the following:-

A committee will be set up to "look in to these situations", I have no idea who will be on such committees, I can however say, with some certainty, that I will not be on any of them.

Said committees will form a timetable, this could be anything from six months to six years, it all depends upon how long the members think they can milk the expenses pot, at the end of this time the committees will report back, their findings will be as follows:-

Regarding education:- there was a small minority of Muslims that were extreme in their approach, these people have now resigned and the schools are now running well, the schools will be monitored by OFSTED - no change there then.

Regarding Tower Hamlets :- The government has staged an exhaustive and thorough investigation into the running of Tower Hamlets - all areas of concern have been addressed and the lessons learned, we are now confident that the business of Tower Hamlets council is on course and functioning to serve the people of Tower Hamlets.(Tower Hamlets is totally Muslim)

I am certain that the above will happen simply because the national and local governments are behaving in a completely discriminatory manner towards non Muslims, indeed actually demonizing non Muslims for being just that --NON Muslim.

This governmental phenomena only appears to happen in countries where the indigenous populations are white, this appears to be EU wide and Sweden like the UK is badly affected by the governments apparent hatred of the indigenous population.

The Muslim communities in Europe and the UK have more than just one thing in common - ie being Muslim but they also stifle any debate on the situation thus inflicting censorship on the population at large, this has led to a huge number of laws set against the indigenous people of Europe and the UK as well as any other non Muslim.

Again we have failed to challenge this - people have tried and ended up in prison and lost everything.

This government and previous governments completely refuse to acknowledge that something is seriously wrong, and in ignoring the situation, punishing the challenging voices and supporting the Muslim for the votes they have, they have opened all the gates to the crown jewels and given the thieves a free pass.

The government are experts at covering things up, nearly all of the above will inevitably be brushed under the carpet, indeed look at how they covered up the mass rapes, look how MP's were supportive of the paedophile exchange, look how MP's covered up for Cyril Smith, a serial aggressive paedophile in excess of Jimmy Saville, and I am sure that you do not need reminding that they have all got their noses buried deep in the coffers of the taxpayers money.

Speaking of money, our foreign aid spending has reached £10 BILLION per year - did anybody ask the taxpayer if we wanted the give all that money away - I don't think so.

The bottom line is this - and this is only my opinion, Parliament and local authorities are now completely corrupt, without credibility, without honour and as such are injurious to our country- this has gone on long enough, if we go back to the time of the prince regent - who became George 1V ( the worst ever monarch) ever since that time governments have been self serving and not for the people of this country (WW11 period excepted).

The prince of traitors has to be Tony Blair, he did utterly shameful things and blatant acts of treason were committed by him and his government - he now may get his comeuppance, his faith foundation is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, now we know why he let 2 million Muslims in.

My thanks to all who sent in links for the above, DP111, Anonymous.

We are still being sold halal meat - but we are not told this

Halal food is back on the menu and again this food is being put into the mainstream food chain - without telling anybody. Supermarkets and butchers are also being sold this meat - are the butchers  aware that it is halal, maybe maybe not

The owner of the slaughterhouse has confirmed that this happens in most butchers and  Morrisons supermarkets, Mr Carr  went on to say

He also said that he supplied his meat to mainstream butchers and the supermarket giant Morrisons, whose unsuspecting customers may be eating the meat products without knowing they have come from animals that were not stunned. Customers assume that mainstream butchers source their meat from abattoirs where all animals are slaughtered with prior stunning. They also expect that fresh and frozen meat in supermarkets is also from stunned slaughter. Some supermarket stores in Asian areas do sell ‘unstunned’ fresh meat, but it is sold at special concession counters.

But Mr Carr revealed that his Simply Halal frozen meat products are sold in 34 Morrisons stores, alongside conventional frozen meat products.

A spokesman for Morrisons said: ‘We sell unstunned meat because this is purchased by some Muslim and Jewish customers. It is clearly labelled as halal and it is the responsibility of the brand owner – in this case Simply Halal – to decide how they label their product.’

Morrisons are taking the easy way out, they should check the source of their meats.

How much more of this "halal" food is in our food chain and we are not aware of it, let us be honest, if a Muslim is  fed Pork  without them knowing it and they then found out that this had happened to them  there would be a court case as big as this country- damages would be paid in huge amounts, Prime ministers would grovel at the feet of Islam.

We the public are being duped, misled and the authorities - whom I am convinced know this is happening - especially the food standards agency - give the people of this land the "big finger"

Of course to complain about this state of affairs is completely racist and islamophobic but help is at hand for these two conditions as explained by Pat condell

Stop farting and save the planet

My apologies in advance for this post but the subject matter is so completely stupid I could not resist.

Two peers of the realm, both in positions of influence have made complete and utter arseholes of themselves and reduced the house of lords to an even greater laughing stock than it is already, indeed our government - both houses, must be the laughing stock of the world, just what is all this commotion about -

Well its about farting, yes, farting, the Labour peer Viscount Simon raised his anxieties about this human condition in the House of Lords, well it is full of old farts so the place seems appropriate, apparently he is of the opinion that it is this function of the human and animals that contributes highly to  - guess what - yup - climate change.

This was taken up by the "climate change Minister" - yes there is one, and she - Lady Verma took this seriously saying " you raise a very important point and we must moderate our behaviour.

All this because we eat Baked beans.

How bloody stupid can you get, let us not forget that these people receive a tidy sum for attending the House of Lords, plus all the expenses perks that go with it, we are effectively paying these people to talk about farting.

I see a golden business opportunity here - Corks, yes corks, anal corks could be manufactured and sold to the public and politicians, there could even be a "by appointment to the Queen " cork manufacturer, and of course the "cork police" to check that all and sundry had said cork in place, this of course includes all animals.

Gas pressure will of course eventually force the cork from it's location - this could present a danger to the general public - "pedestrian killed by flying cork".

Seriously people, the fact that members of our so called government even think of such a thing  let alone actually use parliamentary time to discuss it is mind boggling, the word idiot does not even start to describe them.

This is an insight into our government --God help us.

Yes - we do have the right to be offended - very offended

Here are two videos, thank you anonymous and Urban11

When I arrived back in Britanistan I was offended, highly offended by the amount of Islamic shops and notices that literally litter our streets, this sense of offense was heightened by the numbers of mohammedans that now populate our country and sadly just how much we in this country kow tow to their demands which inevitably leads to yet more of our culture, values and way of life being eroded and yes - surrendered.

In the first video Pat Condell speaks of the offense that many feel in this country concerning the presence of Islam - Islam is offensive - it offends every value we hold dear in this country to the core.

The second video shows just how willing the state and indeed many people seem to be to surrender long held values simply to avoid offending the Islamic interloper


Back in Britanistan

Well here I am back in Britanistan, I knew that when reality struck me full in the face in Heathrow airport, Burkas, Hijabs and beards.

After four weeks of not seeing any of the above it came as bit of a shock just how many were in heathrow and London let alone the UK, seeing all the halal shops in London as I traveled home was disheartening to say the least.

The Islamization continues, our schools are under attack, Muslims are contriving to take over where they can and our legal system is corrupted by the inclusion of Sharia law - read on

"[The tactics are] totally invisible to the naked eye and allow us to operate under the radar. I have detailed the plan we have in Birmingham and how well it has worked and you will see how easy the whole process is to get the head teacher out and our own person in. ... Whilst sometimes the practices we use may not seem the correct way to do things you must remember this is a 'Jihad' and as such using all means possible to win the war is acceptable." — Quote from document leaked to the Sunday Times.

The Guardian -- an otherwise inveterate enforcer of British multiculturalism -- quotes senior teachers and school officials in Birmingham who say they recognize the tactics outlined in the document as having been used by Islamic hardliners to try to gain influence in the city's schools for over a decade.

British authorities are investigating the source of a document that purportedly outlines a plot by Muslim fundamentalists to Islamize public schools in England and Wales.

The four-page document describes a strategy—dubbed Operation Trojan Horse—to oust non-Muslim head teachers and staff at state schools in Muslim neighborhoods and replace them with individuals who will run the schools according to strict Islamic principles.

In addition to the above our much lauded but fatally flawed justice system is now - it would appear- totally committed to a two tier legal system, here is a classic example, this stabbing by "Asian" youths is not even classed as a hate crime, this would have certainly been the case had the attackers been white and the victim a Muslim and the charge would NOT have been reduced.

A TEENAGE witness has told a court he watched as a youth took a weapon out of his waistband and stuck it in the stomach of a 15-year-old schoolboy.

The boy, who is now 17, said he did not come forward to police with his evidence for two months because he was “scared the same group would come for him”.

And a second witness has told the trial how she heard the 16-year-old alleged attacker tell one of her friends that he was responsible for the crime.

The trial at Derby Crown Court had already been told that a 15-year-old boy was surrounded by a gang as he left school on February 18 last year.

He was set upon and, during the attack, the teen was stabbed once in the abdomen and once in the back.

Initially six boys, now aged 15 to 17, stood trial for wounding with intent. But on Tuesday, the second day of the trial, that charge was dropped against all but one of the group.

All six have pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of violent disorder.

By law the victim, the accused and the witnesses cannot be identified because they are under 18 years of age.

The name and location of the school also cannot be revealed.

Giving evidence at yesterday’s hearing, the first witness, who was 16 at the time of the attack, said he saw someone stab the victim.

Via a video interview with the police he said: “I was walking behind the guy that got stabbed.

“When he got to the bridge I saw around five or six Asian boys approach him.

“One of them stood back and the other five just started beating him up.

“He (the victim) was on the floor, then got up, and I saw the guy that had stood back take a knife or sharp object out from his waistband and put it down by the side of his thigh as though he was hiding it.

“He came forward and sliced the blade into his stomach. Everyone was screaming and running away.”

Under cross-examination from Adam Walker, who represents the defendant, the witnesses was asked why it had taken him two months to go to the police.

He replied: “I was just scared that if I said something they would come after me.”

The jury was told that the boy later picked out the accused as the person he saw stab the victim in a video identity parade.

A second witness, a girl who was 16 at the time of the assault, said she did not see who stabbed her friend but witnessed the aftermath.

She said: “I couldn’t see what was going on in the kerfuffle but I saw the victim on the floor saying ‘I’ve been stabbed’ and holding his belly.”

The same witness said she was walking with a friend in Normanton Road a few weeks after the incident.

She said they saw the suspect outside an amusement arcade and the conversation turned to the stabbing.

The witness said: “I can’t remember what she said to him but I heard him tell her ‘I did it’.”

Keeping the above in mind now read this

Calls for a Parliamentary inquiry into the scale of Islamic law in the UK are mounting after the body representing solicitors in England and Wales issued formal guidance on making “Sharia compliant” wills.

The Law Society was accused of giving its stamp of approval to discriminatory practices after it published advice on writing wills which deny women an equal share and exclude “illegitimate” children or unbelievers.

The society denied promoting Sharia and insisted that it was simply responding to demand.

But MPs said the publication would be a “wake-up call” for those who support women’s equality.

Barry Sheerman, the Labour MP for Huddersfield, cautioned against legislation on the issue but called for a joint investigation by the Commons Justice and Home Affairs Committees into how widespread the use of Sharia law now is in Britain.

“We need a serious look at this through the select committee system,” he said.

“I think it would be harmful to make it a party-political issue.

“This should be dragged out into the open and be discussed.”

Jeremy Corbyn, a member of the Commons Justice Committee said it was “very likely” the issue would now come up.

Louise Mensch, the former Tory MP, described the guide as “utterly unacceptable”.

“There could not be a clearer case for ministers and government to step in than the Law Society's breathtakingly sexist Sharia law guidelines,” she said.

Meanwhile Peter Tatchell, the human rights campaigner and patron of Tell Mama, the group which combats anti-Muslim hate crime, said: “The Law Society is wrong.

“It should withdraw its guidelines assisting or promoting Sharia Law in the UK.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice refused to comment on whether Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, or Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat justice minister, saw the guidance as helpful.

He added: "Sharia 'law' has no jurisdiction in England and Wales and the Government has no intention to change this position.”

The Lawyers’ Secular Society has been collecting signatures in an online petition urging the Law Society to withdraw the guidance.

But Nicholas Fluck president of the Law Society said it was “inaccurate and ill informed” to see it as "promoting" Sharia law by publishing guidance on drafting Sharia wills.

“We live in a diverse multifaith, multicultural society,” he said.

“The Law Society responded to requests from its members for guidance on how to help clients asking for wills that distribute their assets in accordance with Sharia practice.

“Our practice note focuses on how to do that, where it is allowed under English law.

“The Law of England and Wales will give effect to wishes clearly expressed in a valid will in so far as those wishes are compliant with the law of England.

"The issue is no more complicated than that.”

Our legal system is now corrupted by the adoption of Sharia law in the UK and the judiciary is subservient to political correctness and the desire not to punish the followers of Allah to the same degree as us mere infidels

Welcome back to Britanistan

No speak English - Get out of Gaol free card

It would appear that the never ending cover up and special treatment of Muslims who commit crimes - predominantly sexual crimes is continuing, continuing not only in the UK but Europe and Scandinavia.

In the UK an Islamic teacher has been spared Gaol after assaulting a young girl during lessons on the Koran, why has he been spared gaol - because his wife does not speak English and he is in receipt of benefits.

Just how stupid can you be, now speaking English and not being in receipt of benefits are strong indicators for being sent to prison, all anybody from ANY immigrant population in the UK has to do now is state that they do not speak English and they get a get out of gaol free card, however if you happen to be a native of the UK and English is your mother tongue - work for a living you are already disadvantaged.

The SS have investigated this situation and stated that this man does NOT pose a risk to anyone, now we are talking the SS here - our wonderful impartial Social Services, you know that these are the same people that covered up the mass raping of young girls by Muslim men for TEN YEARS - we should really trust their assessment!!!  I think not.

In Sweden a woman has been raped, she was raped by four to five men of foreign origin - we all know what that means don't we - the police promptly stated the following when asked if they thought the rape had happened, the police answered -" it is hard to say"

This response angered the local people and police now fear "vigilante" action by the local community.

The Swedes appear to have had enough and are now willing to fight back, Sweden as you know has suffered greatly from the  industrialized rape fest that Muslims have been indulging in the past years

The above minimization of Muslim crime is nothing new, indeed is is almost standard and fast becoming the norm in the UK, our laws are no longer applicable to Muslims and Sharia law is allowed to flourish.

The report on grooming gangs - read it and weep

This report os 333 pages long, it is heartbtreaking to read and to know the extent of government failure and cover up of this atrocity, all sanctioned by the mul,ticulturalists in the UK

Thank you DP111

though we are living in the 21st century, some
people have retained medieval attitudes towards
young girls. The barbaric treatment in this case was
depraved, almost beyond imagination and must
never be allowed to happen again.

– NSPCC, The Independent, 2013

As we have seen from our brief examination of Islamic doctrine
and history, sexual slavery was developed as a religious weapon, a
way of furthering the dominion of Islam, and was employed
throughout the history of Islam (slavery only being outlawed in Saudi
Arabia in 1962). Slavery and concubinage have served the power
interests of Islam, helping it advance, from the domination of the
Arabian Peninsula to the conquest of the lands from Portugal to
Afghanistan, and the lands from Central Africa to Central Europe.
That slavery is still envisaged as part of the future of Islam, can be
found from a clarification a Sheikh (a Muslim Bishop) gave to an
Arabic TV channel (May 2011):

Spoils, slaves, and prisoners are only to be taken in war
between Muslims and infidels. Muslims in the past
conquered, invaded, and took over countries. This is
agreed to by all scholars–there is no disagreement on this
from any of them, from the smallest to the largest, on the
issue of taking spoils and prisoners. The prisoners and
spoils are distributed among the fighters, which includes
men, women, children, wealth, and so on.

When a slave market is erected, which is a market in
which are sold slaves and sex-slaves, which are called in
the Qur’an by the name milk al-yamin, “that which your
right hands possess” [Qur’an 4:24]. This is a verse from
the Qur’an which is still in force, and has not been
abrogated. The milk al-yamin are the sex-slaves. You go
to the market, look at the sex-slave, and buy her. She
becomes like your wife, (but) she doesn’t need a
(marriage) contract or a divorce like a free woman, nor
does she need a wali. All scholars agree on this
point–there is no disagreement from any of them. 1

For all their blather about “diversity”, multiculturalists do not like to
face the consequences which follow from other cultures having
different histories and different values from those which obtain in
modern Western Europe. The slave-trade was but a small part of the
history of Christian Europe (possibly acquired anew from 700 years
of enforced Islamisation endured by the Portuguese and Spanish,
before the Reconquista).2 Within 300 years of the start of the Atlantic
slave trade, Christians in Europe started to bring the slave trade to an
end (and it was, indeed, devout Christians who set about ending it). In
the 1300 years of slave-taking in Islam, there was never an indigenous
Islamic anti-slavery movement: it was Britain, Christianity and
enlightenment values which brought the Islamic slave trade to some
kind of end.

Yet the multiculturalists want to pretend that they glory
in diversity, whilst secretly believing that there is no such thing as
truly diverse values - the unspoken assumption of multiculturalists is
that all people, all over the world, and throughout all of history, have
held the same beliefs as western European liberals of the last 50 years.
They praise diversity and multiculturalism, but cannot really see
beyond their own enlightenment ideology: they think that, ultimately,
all the world shares their values. Multiculturalism is possibly the most
1“Video: Shaykh al-Huwayni: ‘When I want a sex slave, I just go to the market and
choose the woman I like and purchase her’” www:translatingjihad:com/2011/
Scott, The Impact of Islam, New English Review Press, 2014.

deluded, blinkered ideology in history. The demise of multicultural
pre-Islamic Arabia under the onslaught of violent, totalitarian Islam
demonstrates that in a situation where the ideology of Islam is in
conflict with multiculturalism, it is Islam which will triumph.

Apologies for lack of postings

Hi people,

My aplogies for lack of posts, I am in the USA and have not stopped since I arrived on Friday last, spent 3 days in Beautiful Savannah, now back in Florida

I will post tomorrow when I have caught my breath

Apologies again


The Muslim male is 200 times more likely to sexually abuse women and young girls than any other male in the UK

Islamists are trying to take over schools in the UK, this is very very dangerous, the question has to be asked, what is the real reason for this take over, they, the Islamist or Muslim will say that it is to improve integration and teach the "peace of Islam" is there an underlying reason - I think there is - schools are full of children - now watch the following video, the Muslim male is 200 times more likely to sexually abuse young girls than any other male in the UK

Video: Reality of UK Muslim child pimping: 4% Muslims have 200x more perpetrators than any other groups

These numbers, that Muslims who consist of only 4% of the UK population have 200 times the number of sexual perpetrators than any other group, is only a small number of the actual reality. It only represents cases that have come to light. The more cases that are prosecuted, the higher that number goes.

Michael Coren interviews UK’s mosque buster Gavin Body on Muslim child pimping in the UK, a rampant and widespread crime taking place all across the country that has been covered up and protected by local Muslim politicians and Muslim police officers. This is why Muslims should never be allowed in any form of government position. In fact, immigrants in general from poor and corrupt countries that adhere to ideologies completely contrary to human rights regulations should never be allowed in any form of government employment.

A miniscule number of Muslims speak out against child pimping in the UK. And out of an (unofficial) population of around 5 million Muslims not a single Muslim have formed organizations to combat the issue full on. But don’t you dare talking about the facts or you’ll be branded an Islamophobe.

From the YouTube account:

Alibhai-Brown illustrates her point by zeroing in on this sentence by Berelowitz & co.:

“Perpetrators come from all ethnic groups, and so do their victims — contrary to what some may wish to believe.” In response to which Alibhai-Brown offers this comment: “Yes, we know they come from all backgrounds. But that rather cutting second line is directed at people like me who believe that in some British cities — especially in the North of England — circles of sexual hell for young girls are run by gangs of Muslim men (most of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage) who mostly prey on white girls….To generalise their crimes, and lump them in with all the other abusers across the country, is to deny what the victims of these men and their families are saying about the abuse that has gone on.”

Indeed. Of course, the OCC’s statement about perpetrators coming “from all ethnic groups” is yet another example of the handy PC dodge whereby the link between Islam and pretty much any of its more horrific aspects can be swept away by means of a simple rhetorical formula.

For example:

“Honor killings occur in a wide range of religions.” Or: “Female genital mutilation is not an exclusively Islamic phenomenon.”

Or: “The practice of forced marriages is not restricted to Muslim families.”

All true — and all cynically designed to avoid the uncomfortable statistical reality, and to protect the speaker from being accused of racism or Islamophobia. (It’s no surprise that ITV’s brief online account of the OCC report actually made that insipid truism its headline: “Report: Child exploiters ‘come from all ethnic groups.’”)

“The report,” notes Alibhai-Brown, “points out that 28 per cent of the victims they found were of black and Asian background. But it doesn’t state what it should have: that some of the worst long-term abuse is carried out by mainly British Pakistani men targeting lost young white girls, often from troubled or poor families….The children are neglected and hungry for love. The men offer treats, car rides and kebabs, then drugs and alcohol; and then they corrupt them.” Alibhai-Brown argues that while authorities fear “that the racial aspects of child sex gangs will be hijacked by groups such as the English Defence League,” it is important to “confront some of the values that drive such men to prey on white females” and to look squarely at “some Asian cultural assumptions that make the paedophiles feel no guilt or shame about what they do.”

Exactly which “values” and “Asian cultural assumptions” is Alibhai-Brown talking about? Alas, she doesn’t say. That’s where her article ends: with a gutsy-sounding call to face up to “values” and “Asian cultural assumptions” that, it appears, she would prefer not to identify at the present juncture.

What to say about this? Well, first of all, anyone who is genuinely interested in facing up to the truth of these matters needs to stop talking, as Alibhai-Brown does incessantly in her article, about race. This is not about race but about religion — not about black and white but about Muslim and infidel. Alibhai-Brown wants to be seen as bravely pulling back a curtain on an ugly reality, but her repeated reference to dark-hued men and “white girls,” and her use of that cowardly, dishonest (and, alas, ubiquitous) British euphemism “Asian” is nothing more than a way of skirting the truth — namely, that the “cultural assumptions” at work here aren’t “Asian” — aren’t Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, or Thai — but Islamic. As she and most of her readers well know, countless Muslim boys are brought up to view infidel females as little more than whores whose “immodest” attire makes them legitimate targets for physical assault. Most Westerners who are seriously concerned about these matters have long since learned that the Koran itself condones such conduct, and that in cases of rape it is the victims, not the perpetrators, who are considered the guilty parties. These repulsive facts have been widely known in Europe for many years now.

More social engineering on the way soon

Oxford University has published some research, this research shows that "white" people develop tolerance of Ethnic minorities if they, the "white " people live in a highly diversely populated area, and then submit that  "where you live can make you racist", so if you live in a small town in England with little or no ethnic population - you are probably - according to this research - a racist.

What is not stated in this research is if the "ethnic minorities" in our ethnically diverse towns and cities become more accepting of the host population and it's culture.

Here we go again , more population control, more population management, you can see it coming, if this "research" is taken seriously, and it will be by people like the Lib Dems and Cleggie or left wing councils, we will be told where we have to live, a form of forced integration could take place.

In places where there is little Ethnic minorities, they, the Ethnic minorities, will be given priority to any housing that is available - especially from the London overspill areas,  areas could be deemed "too white" and have to be multiculturalized- populations and communities could be broken up all in the name of multiculturalism.

The report says that "white people" acquire a "passive Tolerance" of ethnic minorities" but offers no such evidence to show if this "tolerance" is reciprocated. We all know that it it is not.

The passivity that the report speaks of is understandable, clearly the people who complied this "report" do not live in areas that are literally swamped by by Pakistanis, Afghans,Somalians, Nigerians, Iraqis, etc so on and so forth.

The "passivity" is NOT acquired - it is forced upon them - not to accept all of the so called cultural norms of the Ethnic minorities in the area is seen as racist and has dire consequences for the so called criminal.

Soon the place in which the white person lived is unrecognizable, the street names are - all of a sudden - are in Urdu - Go to tower Hamlets folks, the shops no longer have English people working in them, nearly all food outlets are "Halal", Schools have no white children in them and the English language is not heard, buses are basically mobile Mosques..

I wonder to commissioned this "research, who paid these people to come up with these findings - and why?' Is it not an amazing coincidence that this report is published at the same time as the EU have demanded that the UK surrender even more to the immigrant

Yes the Mad Maid of Luxembourg has opened her moth again - spewing forth her Frankfurt School agenda - Viviane Reding is quite clearly pushing for the EU utopia - seig heil, seig heil.

But what has all this got to do with toilets - quite a lot actually - do you remember this:-

Rochdale Exchange Centre has introduced the "holes in the ground" otherwise known as Nile pans.

Ghulham Rasul Shazhad, who gave the course, said there was a large Muslim Asian community in Rochdale who preferred to use the squat toilet.

Two of the 14 toilets have been converted to nile pans.

Mr Shazhad said: "I identified a need in the community as there were a lot of empty water bottles found by the Western public toilets in Rochdale.

"In the Muslim culture we prefer to use water after relieving ourselves which is used with the squat style toilets.

Well they're back, yet another inroad into our culture, these people who cannot even learn to use a western toilet are the same people who demand we show due respect to their "culture.

The article says that these Islamic toilets are common in Europe - Ahhh but they do not call them Islamic - very great care is applied to avoid using that word - but that is what they are "Muslim crappers" a hole in the floor.

LLoyds Bank had to issue instructions to its staff on how to use normal toilets, the people using them left a huge mess ,breaking them, fouling, squatting on them, not flushing - and they call themselves "civilized - how long will it be until any house built has to have a Muslim crapper in it - not facing Mecca of course.

Of course all and sundry will say we must accept other peoples needs irrespective of what we think, this is the very "Passivity" that is spoken about in the "report" - of course not to say this is racist. and of course - Islamophobic.- so much so that it will probably become compulsory to modify all toilets in all houses and public places - and we, the host population, will have to use them.

I can see it now,  Well M'lud, the defendant insisted on using a normal toilet, this was found offensive to others in the workplace, he has now been charged with a racist hate crime

This really "Beggs" the question - why was he brought back here!!

Well well well, what a surprise, who would have thought that Moazzam Begg would do such a thing, why would this man fund terrorism especially when he has been given the life of Riley in this country

He was, as we all know in Guantanamo bay for precisely the same activities, he protested his innocence and was brought back to the UK in a private jet no less, since then he has lived off the state, been housed by the state and indeed - fed by the state - you just cannot please some people.

He has been arrested for funding and supporting terrorism - the Islamic variety, well he would wouldn't he , it just shows that the Americans were right in the first place and he should have been left to rot in Guantanamo.

Mr Begg will no doubt accuse all and sundry of harassment, racism, Islamophobia and being anti Beggist and our remarkably stupid legal system will listen to such drivel.

What will be the outcome of this latest situation, I have no real way of knowing, but at a guess I would say he will get off and then sue for wrongful arrest - that appears to be the established procedure in the UK, of course if he were a non Muslim, English and white at a football match and then set light to some pages of the Koran it would be an entirely different story- what happens when you do this?

You will be carted off to court, you will be intimidated into making groveling apologies for burning some bits of paper from the most hateful book on this planet - please note that when Muslims burn our flag, call for our deaths and defile remembrance day - they are not forced to apologize or even show remorse, that only applies to non Muslims.

To return to Mr Begg, is he set to join the murderers of Lee Rigby - no he is not - he no doubt supports what they did
and sees them as heroes of Islam, which makes him as bad as them - he wants to see people dead.

I cannot see one good reason why he should be tolerated in this country, in 2001 he took his family to Afghanistan, we should now send him to Syria and hope he stops a bullet - all to be done in "The best possible taste" -of course

The Lee Rigby verdict - Assenine Judges and the blatant denial of black racism

And the JUDGE said " what you have done is a betrayal of Islam" the murderers of Lee Rigby yelled out that it was not and shouted Allua Akbar".

The murderers were correct, what they did was COMPLETELY ISLAMIC.

Why do we have idiot Judges making statements about something they clearly know nothing about, statements of this kind only serve to strengthen the false impression of Islam that Muslims wish to foster - again the public are being misled by the establishment.

The slaughterers have been imprisoned, in prison they will have all the trappings of Islam, prayer rooms, prayer mats provided, Halal food, a copy of the Koran and of course the Muslim gangs that populate our prisons will no doubt treat these sub humans as virtual prophets of Islam.

WE can but hope that these life forms get the living daylights beaten out of them on a daily basis - sadly they will be protected by the prison system. They will probably live long lives with absolutely no pressures or responsibilities - everything will be provided for them - at our expense and at the expense of a serving British soldiers life.

The sentence is not good enough, they should be dead and fed to the pigs.

Another aspect of this crime is the fact that it was NOT classed as a racist murder - it clearly was, if the situation was reversed and a black man had been butchered by white males it would immediately have been called a racist crime.

This glaring omission of the racist element is nothing new in the UK, indeed we do not have to look far to find this censorship:-

A man was killed because he challenged a cyclist using the pavement as a road, for this he died, Andrew Young was killed for upholding the law of this land, his killer just walked away leaving Mr Young  on the ground, the killers friends did not bat an eyelid

The killers mother says this killing was no big deal:-

The mother of a man who knocked down and killed an autistic boy with one punch dismissed it as “no big deal” and something that would be “forgotten tomorrow.”

 How utterly reprehensible can you get, if it were her son that had been killed would she say the same  - er, NO, she would be yelling "racist" at the top of her voice

Again the racist aspect of this killing was NOT raised, again I say if the roles were reversed then the "Saint Stephen Lawrence syndrome" would have kicked in and people would have been yelling racism from the roof tops.

Such is life in the UK today, racism only works one way, it appears that people from the black community are deemed incapable of being racist - yet any white person is automatically deemed to be racist -

 So much for justice and equality in the UK

"Double" Murder most foul

Thank you DP111

Murder one

"Murder most foul" to quote Agatha Christie, has been committed not once but twice, in the first instance a young man was brutally murdered, his name was Dean Mayley.

Paul Weston the leader of Liberty GB highlights this case and the inability of the MSM to report accurately the true circumstances of this crime.

Breaking news! Hold the front page! A racist murder has been committed which puts the Stephen Lawrence murder in the shade! Innocent young man with mental age of nine, stabbed to death by racist gang!!

No doubt these would have been the headlines emblazoned across BBC News and their website if the recently murdered Dean Mayley (pictured above) had been black and his attackers white. Cue David Cameron talking about white shame, white privilege, inequality and institutional racism. Cue Trevor Phillips and a variety of 'anti-racist' spokesmen wheeled out before a slavering mainstream media.

But the brutal murder of poor Dean Mayley is not really news in a white country, run by a white government and controlled by a white media, because Mr Mayley was ... white, and therefore of little interest to the likes of the BBC or the National Union of Journalists.

The murderers have yet to be found. The family are desperate for information. The police have labelled the murderers "vicious cowards" ... but when it comes to accurately describing the gang and therefore actually helping to catch them, the BBC report omits a glaring and pertinent fact, which is that the murderers were black.

The BBC has form here though. Always keen to report on white against black racial violence, but pathologically disinclined to report black on white crime. There are racial murders committed by evil racists when the murderers are white, but there are only murders, not "racist" murders when the victim is white and the attackers non-white.

Full post here

Here in the UK and America the Black and ethnic minorities are most insistent that  they are identified as Black British, British Muslims, Afro Caribbean, Black American, Asian America, and British Asian, indeed they get very upset when these descriptions are not used.

The above holds true except when it comes to crime, in this circumstance the various descriptions above must NOT be applied - that is deemed to be racist, but if you happen to be white UK or American then you are fair game for the media to label you a racist criminal if the victim is from any of the Black and Ethnic minorities.

Murder two

The second Murder is an ongoing slow murder, so slow most people do not know it is happening, what is this slow murder, it is the murder of our mother tongue - The English language.

Our language is being destroyed, not only by the politically correct but by a group of people who cannot decide what gender they are and the homosexual pressure groups that dictate what is and is not acceptable in the UK, because iof this pressure and the advent of homosexual"marriage" our language is going to be changed, simply to meet the needs of a minority of people who do not conform to the prevailing social norms of this country.

Words such as Husband, wife, widow , widower, Mother, Father will disappear from the English language, indeed any form of words that portray the male as the "husband" and the female as "wife" will surely disappear and if they are used then the person using them will probably be guilty of a homophobic offense.

Throughout history and across cultures, marriage has been recognised as being between one man and one woman. Over the centuries, when legislatures brought in laws on marriage, they were not inventing it, just recognising its reality.

More recently, though, familiar words such as “husband and wife” and “mother and father” are disappearing from the statute books in the small minority of countries that have begun the experiment in social engineering. And the moves have been controversial. In Spain, the change was introduced by the Socialist government in 2005, with some 160,000 people turning out on the streets in protest. It passed in parliament in a divisive 187 to 147 vote and, the following year, it was announced that Spanish birth certificates would read “Progenitor A” and “Progenitor B” instead of “father” and “mother”. This kind of language is Orwellian. Can we expect the same kind of thing here if marriage is redefined? In Spain itself the issue is far from settled. The current Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, does not agree with using “marriage” to describe same-sex unions, and his Popular Party has challenged the 2005 law.

There is some irony in this situation as homosexual men will be banned from becoming "Queen" - no doubt this will cause great upset to the Drag Queens of the homosexual community.

Again the people of the UK are the victims of minorities, the way things are going the norms will be completely inverted and unless you are homosexual and of black or ethnic minority origin - and preferably Muslim, you are the one that will be seen as abnormal.


Halal meat - this also applies to young girls


Denmark has banned Halal slaughter, they are the first European country to do so and the UK should follow suit - but of course they will not, after all this country is almost completely Sharia compliant in everything from finance to food and marriage to misogyny, no doubt there are many in the dark hallways of power that have got hefty investments in the Halal market and they will not want to jeopardize any of their investments which are probably funded by their expense accounts and claims.

No doubt the EU will weigh in telling Denmark that they are "not allowed to ban Halal slaughter" because it's Islamophobic or ant Islam, the Muslims in Denmark will be hopping mad and looking for someone to behead in true halal style.


Our masters, the EU have of course turned a blind eye to "other benefits" that have blessed our country, open borders and the free movement of people across the EU have  blessed us with the dregs of European humanity, these people treat young girls just like meat, yes we have the kidnappers stealing human beings and treating them like vermin, needless to say there were Muslims involved in this - Iraqi's and Kurds and a couple of Roma - none spoke adequate English despite being in the UK for some years.

These people terrified, abused and raped girls as young as 12 years old - but they are not alone:-   and there is more here 

In the latter case the young girl was raped by 30 men in a 6 hour period.

Some time ago i said that all Muslim communities should be investigated, all of the schools in those areas should have lessons highlighting the true Islam and the dangers that Muslim men pose to the female gender - especially young girls.
This is becoming  more and more essential, the attacks are not subsiding, we know that the Muslim male will target ANY
FEMALE to practice the ways of mohammed.

Will the above happen - of course not, especially in our schools - why? that is simple to answer, in many of our schools ENGLISH is the second or third language that is spoken and the UN is calling for countries such as the UK to take in a 100,000 refugees.

Our government does nothing to address these issues simply because the "ruling classes" do not wish to, the EU aim is to banish any kind of nation state, national identity, unique culture and to copy the Islamic Caliphate model where all people are controlled from a central base, told what to say and what to do, when to do it - and God help you id you don't - now you know why Islam is allowed to do as it wishes in Europe .

'We Are a Sovereign Country'

Thank you DP111

When reading this article think of the politicians in this country and their relationship with the EU, Christopher Blocher is a man who stands for his country - we should have such men in ours, he tells it as it is:-

Christoph Blocher, 73, is Switzerland's most controversial politician. The billionaire entrepreneur transformed the Swiss People's Party (SWP) into a right-wing populist organization that campaigns against the European Union, immigration and Islam. It was Blocher, educated as a lawyer, who led the successful campaign against Switzerland joining the European Economic Area in 1992. From 2004 to 2007, he served as a member of the government before getting voted out of office. He remains a leader in Swiss politics and recently financed the campaign against "mass immigration" to the tune of 3 million francs (€2.45 million).

SPIEGEL interviewed Blocher in the wake of the Feb. 9 referendum in Switzerland in which 50.3 percent of voters cast ballots in favor of capping immigration from the EU.

Full article here

Disgusting, vile, two faced politicians of our government

Our government is totally debase, revelations today in the Daily Mail show how senior politicians in the Labour party were privy to and supported paedophillia, ( thank you anonymous), now we can all remember the child grooming that went on in the North of England and indeed in other parts of the country, these violent abuses of young girls was hidden for over ten years, is it not reasonable now to link politicians directly to the cover up that took place.

The Labour party was in power for most of the ten year cover up, Lo and behold we now learn that senior Labour party members were supportive of paedophile groups and supported the lowering of the age of consent for sexual acts to 14, do not forget that large numbers of the abused girls were under or of that age.

Yes it was Muslim men who did the raping and abusing but we must remember that it is the Labour party that facilitated the introduction of millions of Muslims into the UK in order to create a sustainable voting base for them (gerrymandering)

Harriet Harman is now the deputy leader of the Labour Party, some time Jackie Smith's (another Labour politician) husband was exposed for charging the hire cost of porn videos to MP's expenses - I wonder what type of porn he or they watched

Harriet Harman along with others - Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromney were full supporting members of the PIA Harman wanted to legalize child pornography - children FROM THE AGE OF 4 years old.

To my mind there is a clear link to the cover up of the rampant child abuse committed by Muslim men by the political establishment.

Just how far up does this cover up go, for something as vile as the industrial rape of young girls to hidden for TEN YEARS it must involve many significant individuals past and present.

Patricia Hewitt: General Secretary of the NCCL, later Labour minister under Tony Blair and MP for Leicester West

Patricia Hewitt: General Secretary of the NCCL, later Labour minister under Tony Blair and MP for Leicester West

Is it any wonder that Muslims and other child abusers felt free to do as they wished with young English white girls, the question has to be asked "did they know that they could abuse the girls with impunity, did they know that they would not be held accountable?"

Thankfully some brave young women and their mothers spoke out, as did some minority political parties such as the BNP, the BNP was vilified and condemned by all major political parties for doing so.

There really is something very very rotten in British politics, this expose shows just how debase and dysfunctional our parliament is



Bulgarian people demonstrate "en masse" about the threat of Islamization in Bulgaria, will this happen in the UK - probably not - here the population is too scared to do such a thing, the government is also petrified of the Muslim lobby, our politicians are weak and have no pride in this country, watch the video - see what should and must be done.

Let us have a demonstration, let us get out on the streets and say NO.

Thank you Examiner.com

"You are not Europeans, you are barbarians..."

With the crowd estimated at 2,000 or more, Bulgarians took to the streets of the nation's second largest city to protest what they consider a Muslim attempt to "Islamicise" the Balkan country, as reported on Feb. 14, 2014 by The Sofia Globe (of Sofia, Bulgaria), the Anadolu News Agency (of Ankara, Turkey) and the Bulgarian internet news portal PlovdivUtre.bg.

Seeking a court order to take possession of properties previously owned by Muslims during the rule of the former Ottoman Empire, who were finally expelled in 1878 after 500 years of oppression, the current Grant Mufti of Bulgaria's small Muslim minority has been filing legal applications under the country’s Religious Denominations Act.

Seen by many as somewhat of a judicial jihad and power grab against the overwhelming Christian majority, especially with a veritable tsunami of Syrian and North African illegal Muslim immigrants swamping the country.

The demise of England - it gets nearer every day

The self preservation Society - our untouchable Poluticians

The self preservation society has now played it's hand, the society AKA as the political classes have now had their position as thieves and swindlers reinforced, the call for our scrupulously honest MP's to face a recall an be removed from their privileged position has been rejected by Cameron - hence these pirates cannot be removed from office because of wrong doing or becoming a criminal. - What right has Cameron to deny the people of this country control over those who are supposed to represent them!!!

Contrast this to the people who run a retail supply business, they can now face industrial tribunals or the ubiquitous equalities legislation for stating that people who work there must speak English - hey it's OK to be a fraudulent or criminal MP - you are as safe as houses - you are untouchable, yet if you expect people to speak English - IN ENGLAND - you are dead meat, it would not surprise me to learn that employers will be required to teach staff any other language EXCEPT English - my God speaking English will soon be a Race hate crime.

A really Stupid Judge

Two Muslims have been sent to prison for a total of 2 years and 8 months - approximately 16 months each, they were part of the Sharia gangs roaming the East end of London, they were also ( this is really funny) banned from promoting Sharia law for a period of 5 years.

SO, these people are going to prison, there they will join one of the many Muslim gangs, they will be given everything that they need according to Sharia law - Halal meals, Prayer rooms, an Imam etc, so on and so forth.

They will be out of prison in about 8 months and be completely supported by the state and immediately start doing what they were doing prior to going to prison.

What kind of nut is this Judge - the simple solutions :- send then to Saudi Arabia, strip them of any entitlement to be in this country and declare them Personna non Grata. if they try to gain entry at a later date, as enemies of the state they could be shot - end of story - simples innit!!!

The population replacement in the UK

The independent has printed an article about immigration and the "crisis on Britain's doorstep"

Calais is full of Muslims all wanting to enter the UK, they are all classed as "asylum seekers" in reality they are illegal economic migrants, if they were "asylum seekers" they could have claimed asylum in the first "safe" country they landed in - but no - they want the benefits money and houses in the UK as highlighted by this bunch of immigrants with about 100 children

We now have a situation where the indigenous population of this country are being reduced to the level of insignificance, we are merely an income generating resource for the upkeep of criminal politicians and the new imported population, in addition to that the laws of this land - founded in common law over the centuries, is being replaced by creeping Sharia, our food chain is now polluted by halal foodstuffs, our children have to learn about Islam an MUST attend outings to Mosques etc, our customs and traditions are secondary to those of the immigrant invasion and now our language is well on the road to being reduced to a sub dialect - if you want to kill a culture you kill the language, you kill the means of transferring the history and the roots of the civilization from one generation to the next

The indigenous population of this country should  bear the following in mind - We have to speak up - nay we have to scream it from the top of every building

First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak up, because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak up, because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I did not speak up, because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me


"Normalizing the abhorrent" - More Sharia being introduced into the UK

Female genital mutilation is completely abhorrent to any normal human being, we all know that the practice of mutilating young girls is primarily an Islamic activity, this is typical of the Muslim hatred of the female gender, to them, The Muslim, this practice is normal, and yes they do practice it here in the UK, "cutters" as they are called are often brought into the UK to carry out this barbarism.

There is now a petition to bring awareness of this bloodletting mutilation into our schools, the petition to Michael Gove - led by the guardian Newspaper is to promote or demand " a declaration of interest" whatever that means.

If this "subject" is to be included in our schools curriculum will it also identify those cultures that routinely carry this out?

Will the teacher say "Muslims cut their daughters clitoris and labia off when they are very young"  -- Er --NO, this would be seen as Islamophobic, discriminatory, prejudicial and anti Islamic, if the schools DID do that then I would have no objection to this information being passed on to young people in our schools, it would be a very good thing.

However the likelihood of that happening is very remote hence a more sinister view comes into mind.

Some time ago I wrote a post about "norming the abnormal", this is, I feel, about doing just that, this is about feeding information into young minds with a view to demonstrating this appalling act as a social norm within Islam, and thus is acceptable as part of the culture of Muslims and consequently acceptable in our country.

This is another step in the Islamization of our country, brainwashing our young into accepting the inhuman practices of Islam as "normal".

Young girls in the UK are continually the victims of the Muslim male, attacks are made on girls from the age of 3 or 4 years old in the case of ritual mutilation of Muslim girls, for non Muslim girls  rape is the weapon of choice.

FGM has to be exposed for what it is, I hope this happens, I hope that our so called educators have got the guts to tell it how it is and identify the people that carry out these appalling acts.

IF this proposal goes through and FGM is introduced as a topic in our schools then it MUST be in full detail and firmly identifying Islam and Muslims as the perpetrators of this truly barbaric act of violence on young girls.

I am NOT at all confident this would happen should this become part of the school curriculum - I fear, as I have stated that this attempt to have this topic in mainstream education in the UK is aimed at "normalizing the abhorrent" to make it acceptable in the UK - More Sharia being introduced into the UK

Islamic Sexuality - a survey of Evil

Thank you DP111 and Cross Muslims

Please make sure if you can that all the young people -( especially young girls/women) you know watch these videos, they could save them a great deal of grief and pain

The unreported Muslim gang violence in the UK and Europe

News has come that Tommy Robinson has been assaulted by Muslim gangs whilst he is in Prison (Thank you Anton) - this is not good news but not unexpected, he was always going to be a target.

Muslim gangs operate in prisons with almost complete freedom, many others have been beaten up ot intimidated by these gangs, the prison authorities make noises about controlling them but very little happens, the gangs in prisons reflect what is happening outside of such institutions, the Muslim gang problem is the most under reported or investigated phenomena in our society and those of Europe today.

The police are strong on saying that they are tackling gang culture, maybe they are but it is mainly West Indian, African, Eastern European and white British gangs that they focus on - not Muslim gangs.

We have all seen in the past months the rise of Sharia gangs in Tower Hamlets - they have not gone away - underground  - yes - gone - NO. When people stand up against these gangs they are the ones that are labeled fascist or Islamophobic - or a bunch of thugs

There has been a call by one MEP that Muslims should sign up to a charter - a code of conduct when they live in the UK, this will no doubt be buried and never heard of again and the MEP will be outcast and vilified

This call for a code of conduct comes at a time when Germany is stating that it will become more "Muslim friendly" thus placing the people of Germany at even higher risk of violence than before. In the UK the Muslim Brotherhood is accepted as a legitimate non violent organization

In America The Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House and welcomed by Obama, The Muslim Brotherhood, founded by virulent anti-Semites, subsidized by Adolf Hitler, and its stated goal for the MB in America includes the following:

The Ikhwan [the MB] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.

In Holland Muslim gangs terrorize people quite openly:-

'Woman bullied by gang'

OMROEP WEST 7 February 2014

THE HAGUE - A 31-year-old woman had fled the Hague district ‘Schilderswijk’. She was bullied by a Moroccan youth gang, writes ‘Metro’. This gang is known as the ‘gang of Delftselaan’. She told the newspaper that she had have suffered a year of vandalism and threats. There was also a paving stone thrown at her.

The gang then made the statement

The 22 – years old Khalid ( fictitious name) say’s to Newspaper ‘Trouw’ that he is a part of the network. "First of all, we must now take a shelter and hide; otherwise we will be soon be arrested. We’ll keep ourselves quiet, for a while, and then slowly find contact with each other in order to bring back our group of friends together. According to the Moroccan gang member, the Moroccan boys are heading temporarily to other cities or travel to Morocco to stay with family.

"Everyone helps '
”Everyone is helping: Family members, relatives and neighbors. all of them are helping (aiding) the criminal infrastructure” , says Khalid . "Yes , everyone joins in and help. They all benefit from the spoils

There may be signs that some change is happening in the UK, police have issued a warning to parents in Bradford .
about an "ASIAN"! man approaching children arriving at school

Muslim gangs operate all over Europe, their intent is to terrify the indigenous population in line with the diktats and declared aims of Islam and people like the Muslim Brotherhood.

The activity of these gangs is hugely under reported or just completely ignored by the authorities, crimes committed by Muslims against non Muslims are not recorded as such, the euphemism "Asian" is used - thus there are no stats, crimes committed against Muslims ARE recorded as such - especially if the perpetrators are NOT MUSLIM.

The gangs in the UK roam free, intimidating, abusing and yes violent, our government MUST know this yet they do nothing, if we do something - well you know the outcome of that don't you.

Again the covenant is broken - this government and previous governments do not protect the people of this land - unless you are Muslim

Will the UN now blame Mecca for Muslim crimes committed against us??

The United Nations has blamed the Vatican for allowing child abuse by some Priests in the past, please be clear - any abuse of any other human is utterly deplorable and all those who commit such barbaric acts must be severely dealt with - preferably dead.

The UN is as you know completely politically correct, they have - in this case been correct  in their actions, but!!,

It is easy to condemn the Catholic Church, after all who is going to complain, discrimination cannot be claimed, Catholicophobia does not exist , people cannot say that the UN has acted in a prejudiced way because the Catholic Church is a Christian organization, it is a western philosophy of life thus the UN are on very safe ground.

Will the UN now declare that Mecca is responsible and accountable for the crimes that Muslims commit against the west , Christians, the industrial rape of white girls all over Europe, the killing, the murder of our soldiers, the intimidation and harassment of indigenous populations.

Will the UN do this --NO, simply because the UN is in complete thrall of the OIC and the Muslim states in the UN. We are all aware of the efforts being made by the OIC and the Muslim bloc in the UN to make "Islamophobia" a global crime - Islam must not be criticized by anyone.

Muslims are liars, they always have been that is why they want a global ban on anything anti Islamic, exposing the Islamic lie is something that they do not want, they are trying to censor the world.

Muslims are deceptive and our so called leaders swallow every word of taqiyya that spills from their mouths.

Again I ask , will the UN condemn Mecca and make demands similar to the demands made of the Catholic Church - not a hope in hell, the members of the UN - the biggest lunch club in the world- are completely petrified of offending the Muslim bloc, they are true hypocrytes

Why oh why are the western/Christian civilizations so weak

Why oh why are the western/Christian civilizations so weak, why do they seem intent on cultural suicide, this of course is disguised as western/Christian tolerance towards others, none the less it is still a manifestation of weakness.

Florence an age old City and the centre of the Renaissance  is now being attacked and this attack is being facilitated by the  government of Italy.

The Italian government have agreed to let a Mosque be built in the heart of the City, of course it is not called a Mosque, the usual euphemisms have been used   - ie a "study cenrte" and Museum but in reality it is a Mosque.

This is yet another example of the west/Christian culture caving in to Islamic requests/demands, why do they, the so called authorities just say NO.

Many people will say "why should we bother about what happens in Italy" we must because of the creeping Sharia attack upon the west and that includes us, while ever Islam can chip away at western Christian culture  - they will, they will establish a foothold anywhere they can - expanding their borders and reducing ours. the real insanity of all this is that our leaders are facilitating this spread of Islam.

Here in the UK we have exactly the same scenario as Florence, except here in the UK it is far more progressed, here we have Mega Mosques, Sweden is almost gone, there the Swedes are virtually criminalized for objecting to the spread of Islam in their country

The report, headed by investigator Doris Högne Rydheim and presented on Friday to Democracy Minister Birgitta Ohlsson, concluded that there was an increase in the risk of violence from Islamic extremists against Swedish society and individuals in Sweden.
Sweden was found to be a "desirable target", with the prime target area being persons who were considered to have offended or insulted Islam.

This overt willingness to accept anything Islamic and gladly surrender our own cultures is the main reason why Muslims in the west behave as they do, they know that they can and will be treated as the masters over the indigenous population- this is the main reason that mass rapes happen in the UK and abroad, and indeed the governments of these countries are completely culpable in inflicting the suffering that many many young girls have endured - and still do Rape is embedded in the culture of Islam - this is what the Muslim male does

This is what they, the Muslim males, do to western women who are NOT Muslim

Here is just one week of Islamic/Muslim activity in the UK (Thank you Cherson and Molschky)

Friday 24th January

  • Sentencing of Lee Rigby’s killers, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, was expected today but was delayed due to an appeal over whether whole life sentences can be given.
  • Blackburn: ‘You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims!’ CCTV images show three women trying to kidnap and rob their sister’s lesbian lover during a row over arranged marriage. Seamless integration is awarded with a combined 30 years in prison for the six siblings (Pictured here).

Saturday 25th January

  • (Video) London: Islamists demonstrate in support of Al-Qaeda in Syria, against FSA. No sign of ‘anti-fascist’ protestors either. Of course that would be ‘Islamophobic’ of them!
  • ‘Brits’ returning to the UK from Syria will be ‘stopped at the border and face arrest’, with 16 arrests made so far this month.

Sunday 26th January

  • Sunday is no longer a day of rest in today’s vibrant Britain as residents of Nelson discovered when an intimidating group of 5,000 Muslims stormed through the town to celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. Pictured here is another show of force in Blackburn. I cannot see any females in the photo. Who knows, maybe the women are at the back?


Tuesday 28th January

  • Leeds: Takeaway restaurant workers Mohammed Hussain, Shah Miah and Harris Uddin (Hussain and Uddin are illegal immigrants) were jailed after grooming vulnerable youngsters for their own sexual gratification, including raping a 12 year-old.
  • Burmese freedom fighter and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been nominated by the ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’ for an ‘Islamophobia Award’.
  • Self-styled Muslim ‘spokesman’ Mohammed Shafiq of the ‘Ramadhan Foundation’ attempted to redefine free speech by stating on national TV: “You cannot go around promoting offensive cartoons“. 
  • (more here)
In Germany Mosques are springing up all over the place, the attack is clearly - as we all know but sadly our so called leaders either really do not know - or simply choose to ignore the Elephant in the room

Here for all those who do not already know about the danger of Islam is the whole story.(long video)

This display of weakness must stop and it will be only stopped one way, the Bible says  "do unto others as you would have done unto you" and "turn the other cheek, this does NOT mean we cannot defend ourselves and preserve our culture - we now have to start "doing unto others as they do unto us"

The abuse of white girls by Muslim men has NOT STOPPED

It is not so log ago that the press was in full cry about the abuse and rape of young white or non Muslim girls, since then it has been quiet, the rage that was presented via the press has disappeared and all appears to be back to normal - whatever that is.

This does not mean that the attacks on young girls by Muslim men has been stopped, although I suspect that many in the halls of power want the silence to convey precisely that message to the public at large.

These attacks are undoubtedly still happening - it is inevitable, the Muslim male is programmed to behave in such a way and prison sentences will not deter them at all.

The following video (thank you anonymous) is disturbing and shows quite clearly that young girls in this country are still being hunted by the Muslim male - that the so called law enforcement authorities are doing exactly the same as they did ten years ago - Nothing

The video is from October 2013 - well after the gangs of Muslims were sent to gaol for their previous crimes going back over ten years - nothing has changed, young girls are still unprotected, our legal system allows them to be preyed upon- the authorities do nothing unless their is a public outcry

All Muslim areas or areas with high density Muslim diaspora must be investigated, all schools must provide access to independent  authorities for these girls - at least, schools should have police officers outside - especially in high density Muslim areas.

Parents  - teach your children about Islam and what it is really about - do not allow the education system to fill their young minds with a false concept - warn your children about the Muslim male and the danger they present to young girls - or any non Muslim female .

A victim of crime - Too bad, is the criminal OK, that's all that matters

Just how spineless are our politicians?, their ability to completely avoid making decisions that would benefit this country and protect the population is utterly astounding.

It has emerged today that 4000 foreign criminals have been let loose on our streets who should have been deported upon release, in total we are told that there are 12000 still in prison in the UK, no doubt these people will be let loose on society when they are released.

Today we learn that a bill introduced to the House of Commons was defeated, this bill was to ensure that foreign criminals could not claim a right to family life as a reason to stay in the UK - yes they all wimped out again - pity the poor criminal, stuff the criminal and his or her family - it's the victims that matter.

Needless to say it is the fear of angering their masters in the EU that has our politicians running scared, our political geldings have again shown complete subservience to Brussels and the unelected fascists that populate the EU.

The rhetoric that Cameron and the other cardboard cut outs pour on the public is derisory - they must really and truly believe that we are utterly stupid - after all Cameron and his predecessors have worked long and hard to make it so.

We can no longer trust our politicians to keep their end of the social contract that they have with the public of this country - this contract is irreparably broken, we are betrayed again.

Yes this country has criminals but we do not need everybody else's, we the public are the prey of this criminal influx, we now see crimes being committed in this country that did not manifest prior to mass immigration, we have imported crimes alien to our culture and society - ie people trafficking , industrialized rape etc so on and so forth.

The politicians in their Ivory towers do not see this, they do not experience this, to them it is another world and of no consequence to them whatsoever, they are truly despicable

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s “Islamophobia” Campaign against Freedom

Thank you "Family Security Matters"

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s “Islamophobia” Campaign against Freedom

by ANDREW E. HARROD January 24, 2014

The "quite formidable" Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) "has really escaped the notice of a lot of foreign policy observers," religious freedom scholar Nina Shea noted at a January 17, 2014, Hudson Institute panel.  To correct this deficiency, Shea moderated an important presentation on the OIC's stealth jihad against freedom by her "old friend" Mark Durie, an Anglican theologian and human rights activist.

Dr. Mark Durie

Dr. Mark Durie

As Durie's PowerPoint presentation available online noted, the 1969-founded OIC headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, contains 57 mostly Muslim-majority states (including "Palestine").  The second largest international organization after the United Nations (UN), the OIC is a "major global voting block" at the UN and unique in being the "only such organization devoted to advancing a religion."  The OIC is "largely funded by Saudi Arabia," Shea noted, having contributed $30 million to the 2008 budget, far greater than the next largest contribution of $3 million from Kuwait.

Ominously, the OIC has been "lobbying assiduously" since about 2000 against "Islamophobia," Shea observed.  "Islamophobia" was analogous to "homophobia," Durie's PowerPoint elaborated, an analogy previously noted by Islamic sharia law expert Stephen Coughlin and analyzed by this author.  A "[n]arrow reading" of this "deep-seated and irrational fear about Islam or Muslims" would encompass only prejudices such as the "xenophobic aversion to Muslims" of some.

A "[b]road reading" by the OIC and others, though, condemns "all expressions of opposition to or disapproval of Islam" as "irrational and manifestations of prejudice."  "Islamophobia is a deliberate scheme to distort the teachings and principles of peace and moderation engrained in Islam," the PowerPoint quoted from the OIC's 2013 Sixth OIC Observatory Report on Islamophobia.  "9/11 came as a long awaited opportunity," the report specifies, "for the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim elements in the West to set in motion their well orchestrated plan to slander Islam and target Muslims by equating terror with Islam and Muslims."  Such bigots were "just hanging out" and waiting for Al Qaeda's September 11, 2001, attacks, Durie mocked.

The OIC and its recently retired Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu assume that the "Islamic religion is under attack," thereby posing an "atmosphere of threat to the world," Durie stated.  Yet American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hate crime statistics in Durie's PowerPoint belie this Islamic victimhood, with attacks upon Jews far outstripping those on Muslims in 2012 (674 to 130).  Western states in the past have also often aided their Muslim minorities and Muslim countries, such as when the British government donated land for the United Kingdom's first mosque, London Central Mosque.

The "Islamophobia" campaign, moreover, manifests the distorted subordination of human rights to Islamic sharia law present throughout the OIC's 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam.  Therein rights such as free speech may not contradict the Koranic phrase "what is good" according to Islam.  Similar distorted sectarianism is evident in the juxtaposition of OIC documents on "Combating Islamophobia" internationally and OIC-supported UN resolutions such as 16/18 in the Human Rights Council advocating religious equality.

The OIC and others are having results, for example with "Islamophobia" described by Durie as a "new field of studies" at various universities.  The British Runnymede Trust also released a 1997 report condemning as "Closed views" beliefs listed in the PowerPoint such as "Islam is inferior," "violent," or a "political ideology."  Shea also speculated about the "creative arrest" of Innocents of Muslims filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula for a parole violation, something usually not resulting in a jail sentence, as a de facto blasphemy punishment.

Durie's PowerPoint examined several problems in OIC "Islamophobia" arguments.  Ironically, "beliefs which the OIC Observatory Report identifies as examples of Islamophobia accord with the teachings of leading Muslim experts on Islam, including the OIC's own scholars."  Jihad as religious warfare, wife-beating, and an emphasis on separation of Muslims from non-Muslims all fall into this category.

Particularly troubling was the OIC's "Lack of Reciprocity & Consistency."  While the OIC "solely targeted...the West," the "most egregious violations of Muslims' religious freedom" occur at the hands of other Muslims.  Additionally, "Islamic states consistently generate many examples of incitement on the grounds of religion."  Christianity in particular is the "most persecuted religion today" according to various estimates, with many OIC states being the worst offenders.  The PowerPoint questioned whether OIC "Islamophobia" reports themselves amounted to incitement, given that individuals listed therein like Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks often became assassination targets.

Furthermore, the "OIC positively stereotypes Islam and Muslims, and negatively stereotypes all manifestations of rejection of Islam by non-Muslims."  The "OIC insists that no acts of violence...can have a genuine Islamic motivation."  Yet "all forms of opposition to Islam must be viewed as manifestations of prejudice and hatred...this is itself a manifestation of religious prejudice."

Beware of the "integrated Muslim"

One of the weapons used by Islam and Muslims in the west - against the west, is Taqiyya, we all know what this is, indeed as mohammed(piiis be on him) instructed - "mislead and deceive the non believer whenever you can", most people think Taqiyya is only verbal, well recent events show differently.

Recently a young Muslim girl was caught with £16000 in her knickers, this money was destined to fund Al Qaiida, she was not wearing a Hijab or Burka, she was not veiled but she did have £16000 stuffed in her knickers, Her name is Nawal Msaad (photo below)

Charged: British student Nawal Msaad, 26, is accused of trying to smuggle £16,500 in her underwear to terrorists fighting in Syria

Most people would look at this girl and think she was completely integrated into UK life, clearly not, and that is the real danger in the UK and the west, this is a form of Taqiyya that we must be aware of, she does not look like the obvious Muslim woman we see on the streets, indeed she looks like the type of female that Muslim women would shun and call a whore.

This woman's mindset is no different from those women who brutally attacked a woman in Manchester, the pack nature of Islam was in full cry, a gang of six Muslim women attacked the girlfriend of one of their sisters, they tried to kidnap her and beat her to the ground.

There are many Muslims dressed in suits and dresses, all may appear to be assimilated into western culture and thus invisible, they may work in Banks, shops or hospitals and appear to be law abiding tax payers - this is the Taqiyya, the deception that Mohammed(piiis be on him) requires of every Muslim.

There are now many Muslims leaving the UK to go to Syria, if they live they will return to the UK and continue the war over here.

"European security officials say that in recent weeks they have noticed an "alarming acceleration" in the number of European jihadists traveling to Syria to obtain combat experience with Islamist groups linked to al-Qaeda."

"France, Germany and the U.K. may have the largest foreign fighter contingents in Syria, but Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Austria have contributed a much higher proportion of their population... [and] may have a larger problem on their hands than do their bigger European neighbors." — Thomas Hegghammer, Norwegian political scientist."

They will be supported by the "faceless Muslims", just like the young woman previously mentioned, all doing and saying one thing to our faces but supporting and funding the downfall of our culture and society.

We must be aware that these people look harmless - they are not, they are the consummate con artist- deceit is in their make up, they have been doing this for 1400 years.

Run Anjem Run - in the end there will be no hiding place

Thank you anonymous

Truth is Never 'Hate Crime'! Help Tim Burton's Defence!

Truth is Never 'Hate Crime'!

Liberty GB radio host, Tim Burton, has been charged by West Midlands Police with 'racially aggravated harassment' after describing Fiyaz Mughal as "a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist".

Mr Mughal is founder of Tell Mama, the organisation that published misleading 'statistics' on 'anti-Muslim incidents' in the wake of the Islamic murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

Tim Burton's trial is set for the afternoon of Tuesday 18th February 2014 at Birmingham Magistrates' Court, and he would greatly appreciate any help with legal costs. 

A defence fund has been set up on PayPal, which you can donate to by clicking the 'Donate' button in the blue box to the right ("HELP DEFEND..."). 

This case represents a further attempt to limit free speech in Britain, so let's help Tim to get it thrown out of court!

Here is another important  event

The Campaign Starts Here: Paul Weston for MEP!

Liberty GB 21 January 2014

On 22nd May this year, Liberty GB Chairman Paul Weston, Press Officer Enza Ferreri and Outreach Officer Jack Buckby will be putting themselves up for election in the South East England constituency of the European Parliament.

All three candidates will be standing on a radical anti-Islamisation, anti-immigration, anti-EU platform and – being the fearlessly outspoken individuals they are – intend to say the things that other candidates fear to say. Most importantly, they will be presenting to voters Liberty GB's demand for the complete removal of Islam from Britain and Europe.

Paul, Enza and Jack are determined to shake things up in the South East, and to address the issues that other politicians try to brush under the carpet.

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