UK girl taken - to be turned into an "odalisque"

A short while ago I posted regarding the slave trade that exists in the UK, foreign diplomats in London were treating their female staff as virtual slaves.

Now we have another side of this trade, not a diplomat this time but a "businessman" who has been "ordering" girls to be delivered to him for his sexual gratification.

From the article:-

A wealthy businessman drugged and raped a teenage girl at his plush Mayfair home after paying an associate £300 to bring her to him, the Old Bailey heard.

Ali Farhani, 52, spiked the 18-year-old's vodka and coke with date-rape drug GHD (Gama Hydroxybutyric Acid) and attacked her when she fell unconscious, it is claimed.  

Rolando Kyriakidis, 40, arranged for the girl to come to London for a party but when she arrived he told her they were going to visit his 'business partner'.

The teenager, from Bournemouth, drove to the capital from a holiday park in Bognor Regis, where she was staying with a friend.

Jurors were told he took her to Farhani's large home just off Berkeley Square.

The businessman told her she was 'young and innocent' and that they were 'going to get along just fine', the jury was told.

Kyriakidis later left with a cheque for £300, having reassured the girl she was safe.

Prosecutor Timothy Devlin said: 'This payment was commission for delivering her in to the hands of Ali (Farhani).

'He was procuring a vulnerable young girl, knowing Ali Farhani was going to have sex with her and she would not consent. He also knew she would not be able to leave that house until the next day at the earliest.'Read more:

The modern slavers from Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Turkey, Russia and Eastern Europe model themselves on the slavers of the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, except they now dress in expensive Italian suits, carry mobile phones and drive flashy automobiles.

This is slavery in the UK, this is an attempt to turn the girl into an "odalisque", it is not only white girls that are taken, many from India and Sri Lanka are also taken

"A woman may be sold for between $3,000 and $10,000. The women who are purchased outright in this fashion are kept in the room of a house owned by their new owner for his sole use. The client who has purchased her may forcibly inject her with drugs continually so that she is always out of her mind and unable to escape."

These women have very short lives — approximately two years.  When the client becomes bored with her, she is abandoned and left to die from the sadistic abuse which he and his friends have subjected to her or from the effects of drug abuse.  The client will then simply purchase another young woman.

Most of the girls who are "taken" end up in Saudi or some other middle eastern country where the demand for yloung girls is high and white flesh is paid for at a premium rate.

This is how foreign women are viewed within the Islamic countries, when Muslims come here to the UK they view the UK female in the same way, this has been shown to be the case time and time again, the soaring rape and abuse of women in the UK and Europe coincides very neatly with the rising Islamic population.

Now we are seeing Kidnapping to order, this girl is lucky, she could have been spirited away and never seen again.

We know that Muslims sell their daughters, we know that Muslims kill their daughters, if they will do that to their own it is not surprising that they will abuse and steal girls of any other culture for their self centred pleasures.


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