We are becoming a police state, or should I say the UK is becoming a state of the police

There are two items that have been reported in the press, these two items are related to each other, they are:-

Police raid premises of radical group that planned to disrupt Armistice Day


Nearly 200 suspected English Defence League supporters arrested near the Cenotaph after Remembrance service

We all know that Muslims Against  Crusades is now an illegal organization and to be a member or even associated with it is a criminal offense, people who commit criminal offenses usually end up in court and subsequently prison - well that's the theory anyway. It is also the process that millions of people in the UK expect to see when a criminal is placed before the court, of course a person can be found not guilty, that's all well and good.

The second reported story concerns the English Defense League, it would appear that about 200 people were at the Cenotaph paying respects to the fallen on Armistice Day - yesterday.

All was peaceful and there was no evidence of any disturbance, these people were promptly arrested, they are not part of any illegal group or organization, they were not creating a disturbance from what I can see, there is a report that "Trouble was caused in the Red Lion Pub", this appears to have been attributed to the EDL, we must remember that these 200 were "suspected" EDL members and the so called "trouble" does not appear to be substantiated.

The question that is in my mind and probably many other peoples is this:-

Why, when the raids were made on Muslims against Crusades, an illegal organization, under the Terrorism laws of this country was nobody arrested, the police know who the members of this now proscribed group are and as members they are committing an offense - why were they not arrested.

It would appear quite OK to arrest 200 people who were attending a national remembrance service, it would appear to be OK to Kettle these people and surround them thus denying them freedom of movement.

Why is this, Oh silly me, I do apologize, I forgot, these 200 people are not Muslims so everything is OK. Muslims who are members of illegal terror organizations in the UK do not get arrested.

I have posted before on the teflon life of Anjem Choudary and asked why he has NEVER been arrested or challenged by the authorities, despite all of his vile outpourings of hate towards the people of the UK

This is really disturbing, the fact that a peaceful group of people can be arrested because somebody thinks that there might - MIGHT be a disturbance, and that those people MAY be part of an organization, a legal organization, that they, the authorities do not happen to like is truly frightening, and at the same time the same authorities do nothing to the known criminal members of an illegal organization. - THIS TRULY STINKS

The police state cometh, if they get away with this then any of us could be arrested simply because a police officer thinks we may commit a crime or he or she does not like us for some reason.

The so called proscribing of Muslims Against Crusades is clearly meaningless, the government have no intention of pursuing any of these people, that is patently clear, all that will happen is that MAC will reform under a different name and start all over again- I wonder if the Home Office sponsor Anjem Choudary and his friends, that would not surprise me at all.

We are becoming a police state, or should I say the UK is becoming a state of the police


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