MPACUK - Tommy Robinson is a paedophile, just how deluded can you get

I do not usually publish anything that MPACUK distribute but this is different.

The video starts by saying Tommy Robinson of the EDL is a paedophile, it then goes on to say that the only thing he supports is Israel, a little further into the video the two people presenting claim the UK as their country and our troops as their troops, these are the same troops that they call murderers and child killers they then go on about jihad and say there is nothing we can do about it, they are clearly deluded

the whole thing is farcical, it is one of the best comic strip capers I have seen , it's hilarious, the two Muslims presenting this are clearly not very bright and have been heavily conditioned and tutored.

They go on about the Israelification of Britain and refer to  "the indigenous people of Palestine" .

The whole thing is so remarkably banal and incredibly funny, as for the two presenters well the male is clearly missing out on the IQ table showing great difficulty in actually coping with the basic articulation of the English language, the girl - well her mindset is obvious, I would not be surprised if she blew herself up at some time in the future.

Here's the video - have a good laugh.


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  • 20 Jun 2012, 7:23 PM EDL Buck wrote:
    Seriously, one of my farts could snap the so called "lion" in half! Both of them are inbred f**kwits who need a sense of humour, when Tommy said,"Your pretty fit for a muslim" he was taking the piss ffs! Tommy loves his misses and kids and IMO he was "troll baiting". They can say jihad all they want but if I run into the boy I will show him a crusade (I don't hit females).
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    1. 21 Jun 2012, 2:09 PM Urban11 wrote:
      If you made an exception to your rule and hit her, i would not think any the less of you.
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  • 21 Jun 2012, 11:58 AM DP111 wrote:
    The couple in this video clearly demonstrate the effects of in-breeding. Combined with dumbed down education, we have this couple.

    "Jihad is our way".

    The other point that this video illustrates is that the Muslim invaders now think that they can get away with open Jihad. This is due to the cowardice of our ruling elite.

    There is hope though. If they carry on this way, I advise these two to keep up with their urdu or whatever. They will need it.

    And here is Marine Le Pen in the Guardian.

    TClimate Change and even Global warming cis coming to Europe.
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  • 21 Jun 2012, 7:56 PM DP111 wrote:

    A great interview on the financial crisis.

    The cultural, immigration and financial crisis are going to be like dominoes. One falls, and the rest will follow.

    Its going to be a global seismic event. Global Warming is coming.
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  • 22 Jun 2012, 7:19 AM Anonymous wrote:
    The people on the video are too ugly - I couldn't watch until the end.
    But I did see this after stopping the horror video, and this is also horrific:
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  • 23 Jun 2012, 1:22 AM Anonymous wrote:
    After watching this video I now understand the argument for covering the nasty faces - may I now officially withdraw any previous complaints I have made about burqas or any of their face coverings.
    I now support such clothing being worn by them.
    It's the kinder way.
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