Hey Guys - we are all paedophiles now

Well it comes as no surprise that the "Sex gangs report" will not openly state that it was Pakistani men who were carrying out the industrialized rape and abuse of white girls, what the report does do is state that it is men who are the problem.

There you have it guys - we are all paedophile sex abusers, a pure blanket statement from the deputy children's commissioner Sue Berelowitz.

There is not much information about this lady on the internet but I suspect that in order to make such a gross statement there must be a substantial streak of feminism in her and also be terrified of the Muslim lobby.

To anybody reading about the events that brought this "report" about it must be patently clear that there were, and probably still are large gangs of Muslim men abusing white girls and it is the scale of this abuse that is really terrifying, as I said it was "industrialized". I agree that there are child abusers in all walks of life, indeed the BBC exposure demonstrates just that but the deliberate targeting of young girls of a specific race, by men of a different race is obvious in this case.

All abuse of children is utterly deplorable and all perpetrators of this crime should be given a very slow and painful death.

The Pakistani's who were abusing and raping were not only abusing, they were behaving in such a way with the belief that it was ok to do so, the girls were seen as "useable" because they were not Muslim, they were lesser people - thus a useable and disposable commodity, and yes such behaviour is sanctioned by the Koran, the women of the lands of Dar ul Harb( the lands of war) can be taken and used by the male if they so wish

Not to name the abusers as Pakistani is a deplorable act of cowardice and political correctness, there is however one voice in parliament who does appear willing to speak out his name is Kris Hopkins

Kris Hopkins has made it quite clear in parliament just who carried out the rapes and abuse - it was the Pakistani male - the Muslim male.

Parliament will probably ignore Kris Hopkins, I suspect that the "common purpose" bullies will have already started working on him, here is how they do it

'You start with clear and defined objectives … Then you establish what the obstacles are … they are usually people. So you have to establish what motivates them, and then decide if you can win them over by the power of the idea …

sometimes it gets messy, you may have to run over them, undermine them,or discredit them, as a last resort you consider bullying them or buying them off

There has been a great deal of Islamic activity in parliament over the past few days, exhibitions and conferences, the timing now becomes clear, has the release of this report has prompted a "coercion" campaign by the Muslim lobby - the message being - if you want our vote  - be nice to us.

Well they need not have worried , the deputy commissioner for children has made sure that the "no blame" principle has been firmly applied by the government to the Muslim diaspora in the UK - every other man is to blame, but is that any surprise when you consider the government we have


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