Dead Souls

Shakespeare could not have written such a tragedy, a young girl gets married, she looked radiant and happy, looking at that photo who would have thought that after a few years she would look haggard and empty, she eventually blew herself up.

the before and after photos are startling, before Islam and after and they show just how much Islam destroys people, the dead empty look on her face can be seen in many Muslim women's faces in the UK

Conversion: The 29-year-old woman transformed herself from an actress into a Muslim suicide bomber

Compare the above photo to the one on her wedding day - below

Happy: Aminat Kurbanova, 29, of Dagestan, Russia, is seen smiling on her wedding day in 2003 to Marat Kurbanov. She converted to Islam four years later and blew herself up earlier this year

Islam really does destroy the soul.

Dead souls allow people to commit terrible crimes without any kind of feeling of guilt, value of human life or thought of the devastation that committing such crimes has for the families of their victims.

This is how Islam affects people it robs them of their soul and humanity.

This young woman, her name was Aminat Kurbanova was as much a victim of Islam as any who have died or suffered because of this most terrible religion.

Further evidence of the cold viciousness of Islam is not difficult to find, many will quote the major atrocities that have been enacted upon the non Muslim world by the devotees of Islam, they are indeed horrific, many people died or were mutilated.

I would argue that if all attacks on individuals by our Islamic guests were added up I fear the total would far outweigh the numbers of people that died in the major attacks by Islam.

Here is a typical scenario

A jealous and controlling boyfriend brutally battered his partner to death just days after she refused to have a sexual threesome with him and a male friend, a court heard today.

Tuanjai Sprengel, 43, was stabbed with a kitchen knife by Muhammad Shafi then had her skull shattered with a pair of metal shears, which caused brain damage.

Her body was then dumped in an underpass near her home in Berkshire.

It is not just the UK that has this type of occurrence on an almost daily basis, Sweden too has to suffer the ignominy of "dead souls" - even when you are 87 years old .

This lady went to the aid of a dog that was being kicked to death by a gang of Muslim males, they stopped attacking the dog and proceeded to attack her( thank you DP111)

‘One of them came up to me and hit me on the right side of of my head and I fell to the ground. One of the others forced my legs down and then they started kicking me while I was lying down.’ The gang focused most of their kicks on the 87-year-old’s lower abdomen and private parts. ‘I thought they were going to break my legs because they were bending them apart while kicking straight ahead.’

These are but two instances of many that happen on a daily basis in Europe and nearly always where there is a Muslim diaspora - it cannot be a coincidence, it is dead souls.

The Diaspora in the UK grows steadily, with this growth will come more of the above - that is inevitable, people however are becoming more strident and speaking out more about the destructive nature of unfettered immigration which allows the Diaspora's growth and the pernicious EU diktats that facilitate the uncontrolled influx into the UK

Thank you anonymous

Campaigners said today’s anti-immigration demonstration in Boston was a big success.

Protestors believe they may have attracted about 300 people to the Market Place - and say they sent out a strong message.

Many people chose to display anti-European Union placards and called for strong action from the Government to cap immigration and deal with the issues in Boston.

Bob MacAuley, who addressed the crowds, told The Standard: “People realised what we are about. It is a good message that should go across the nation. Hopefully it will get through to the Government.”

Dean Everitt said he wants Boston Borough Council to go back to the drawing board with its public inquiry into the impact of immigration and says they should apologise for not taking the matter seriously.

When asked how MP Mark Simmonds could help he replied: “Resign.”

In France the feelings are apparently running much higher, there too the diaspora is active and like the UK there appears to be no political will to stem the flow, there too the people of France now reject the principle of Multiculturalism and the death of the French identity, the following video is powerful and very clear, what is said in this video is also true of many in the UK - the establishment would however say it is heresy

Thank you Urban11

The dead souls of Islam are amongst us, they too, like zombies, want us to become like them - over my cold dead body


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  • 20 Nov 2012, 1:22 PM Peter wrote:
    The inactivity of the EU and the British Governments on islamic immigration is the result of blackmail. Since 1973, the oil producing arab states have compelled the EU to take an anti Israel stance while forcing all EU states to accept their surplus population and allow them to live as they did in their countries of origin at the European taxpayers expense. At the same time vast amounts of EU cash is being wasted in aid to the palestinian authority. This money is invariably spent on weapons with the balance being stashed in the Swiss bank accounts of Hamas and PA leaders.
    Failure of European Governments to carry out the edicts of the Arab league will result in a termination of oil supplies followed by a couple of jihadist bomb outrages. European governments are scared shitless.
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  • 20 Nov 2012, 4:30 PM Anonymous wrote:
    A 16 year old girl is enriched by a black man in London - and it's on video - only watch if you are feeling strong - it is very upsetting. He knocks the poor white girl unconscious.
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