There is no more room at the Inn

Immigration is a toxic subject in this country, the major political parties vacillate between polarized opinions on an almost daily basis, there is clearly no intention of stemming the flood into this country of people that are surplus to requirement.

Indeed this huge influx is, to quote a friend of mine, environmentally unfriendly, the more people that come here the more land is developed to build houses and flats - thus the "green" belt is reduced, trees are lost, arable land disappears, more energy has to be used  - this creates more carbon emissions, more transport  is needed thus the Oil consumption goes up, there is more waste thus land fill sites will increase - immigration is clearly not eco friendly, with more land being taken for development the wildlife will disappear and the natural balance of nature will be disrupted - can anybody argue against this??

In addition to this disease will spread more quickly, dense populations are pure heaven for the spread of diseases such as TB, Smallpox indeed ANY contagious disease will thrive in such conditions.

The aforementioned diseases were banished from our land, they are now back, imported by immigrants, this is another benefit of mass immigration.

This land is full - there is no more room at the Inn, this country is no longer self sustaining simply because it cannot produce enough food to feed the population.

Consider this:-

At the time of the Doomsday Book the amount of land needed to support a family of four was "one Hide" a hide was approx 120 acres, there are at present 43 million acres of arable land in England, we have a population of approx 60 million, if we assume that there are four to a family that gives 15 million families, 15 million times 120 acres(one hide) =1,800,000,000 acres.

Yes I am aware of advances in farming technology and crop yields etc but even on these ancient figures and if you were to factor in various growth computations this land is far short of being self sustaining,.

As more and more people flood in this makes the situation even worse, at present 40% of food in the UK is imported, we are dependent upon foreign lands for our food,  our energy is also imported, Gas and Electricity comes via France and Germany, petrol and Oil is imported - when you look at all this, this land of ours is in a very vulnerable position, other powers can cut off all of the above.

Yet still people flood in, there is an anticipated 1.3 million people expected to arrive in the UK in 2013 from Bulgaria and Romania, this is in addition to all who come from Pakistan and Bangladesh, plus all of the so called asylum seekers and "refugees" from the middle east and Africa.

The food industry - via the government speaks of food security :-

Food security is a term deployed in a number of ways. A prominent use is to describe the
challenges of feeding people adequately in developing countries both at the household
level and at the national or regional levels – notably in times of external stress such as
poor harvests, which impact upon food supply in such regions and are transmitted down
to vulnerable populations at national and household level.

So much for the home country.

We are not self sustaining, indeed at one time we were - up until about 1960 according to the above linked report, coincidentally it is about that time that large scale immigration started in the UK, this followed by membership of the EU and the effects of the common agricultural policy that protected France and its farmers has led to the present predicament.

Immigration has to stop, it is unsustainable, there are no benefits,  what I have outlined in this post is with us today anyone can see that, we are now subjected to diseases that were gone from this country plus new ones such as AIDS, the vast majority of AIDS sufferers in the UK are from sub Saharan Africa, we have crime, we have the meltdown of our infrastructure ie Health and Social services, education systems are buckling under the weight of immigrant children, and on top of all of the above, and at the risk of repeating myself - we are at the mercy of foreign states who control energy and 40% of our food supply


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