Mahila - India, and Charlene- UK - What is the difference

The media is still running the continuing story of the horrific rape and murder of a young Indian girl in Dehli, it would appear that the perpetrators of this grizzly debase and inhuman crime have been caught.

Demonstrations have taken place all over India, the world press has reeled at the horror of this crime, and so they should, so should we all.

In 2003 in Blackpool, a seaside town in the UK there lived a girl, she was 14 years old, she disappeared, she was murdered, She was raped, it is then said that her body was dismembered and used as Kebab meat by the owners of the Kebab shop that she visited, needless to say that all charges against the men involved were dropped - well this is the UK after all.

Is what happened to Charlene Downs any less horrific than what happened to the young girl in India - of course not, then why did the world not reel in utter disgust at Charlene's fate??, why was there no global outcry at her murder, why was there such a complete lack of public outcry in this country.

Demonstrations, yes there were some usually by minority political parties such as the BNP, these demonstrators were labeled racist or Islamophobic, generally speaking the British public did nothing.

The same lack of response from the British people was seen during the Rochdale mass rape of young girls by Muslim men, mass rapes happened in other ares of the UK - still very little media coverage and even less public outrage.

Why is this, the comments made by the public in the press express true outrage at the fate of the Indian girl, why not for Charlene Downs and the other girls who were raped in the UK.

The answer to the question "why is this" is this, the people of this country are scared stiff, scared stiff to show their anger, scared stiff to show that they actually care, scared stiff to identify the offenders, scared stiff to march on the streets in support of anything that is deemed to be in support of the host population.

We sit, we yell in private but we DO NOTHING, our children are murdered, raped abused by foreign criminals that herald from sub cultures, indeed it has just been announced that at least 4000 rapists and murderers are walking our streets - we cannot get rid of them, this is probably just half of the real total, the 4000 are those that are known.

Why are we scared, we are scared because the state will, via cctv and other social monitoring techniques will prosecute any identified demonstrator, this is born out by the ever increasing number of prosecutions brought by the police by scanning twitter and other social media

The consequences of being prosecuted are, as I have pointed out before severe, and can wreck a persons life.

The intimidation of the British public by the miriad of laws that have been passed and by the unelected(not that that makes any difference) quango's that say what we can and cannot do - ie the CRE (commision for racial equality) carries on, on a daily basis.

The fact remains that horrendous crimes are committed against the population of this country, we are supposed to use the law to redress these crimes, the law in the UK is blinded by political correctness,and as such is of very little use- unless you come from an ethnic minority.

The politicians are quite happy to allow the inteloper(invited here by politicians) to prey upon the host population, when this happens their defence is "oh its only a small minority", I do not hear that being said in India - do you?

What happened to Charlene Downs was truly horrific as was the fate of the girl in India but that is where the similarity ends, In India people have shown the power that they have, the government can only do what is now demanded of them.

Here in the UK Charlene Downs is largely forgotten, she was let down by her countrymen and women - very few fought for her right to have the perpetrators of her death dealt with appropriately.

What happened to Charlene and the multitude of other girls who have been raped, abused and dehumanized will continue in the UK untill the people of this land make it painfully clear, that  those who contributed to their fate will be called to account, and that includes those who allow the situation for such crimes to exist, and then cover up their actions


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  • 3 Jan 2013, 10:12 PM DP111 wrote:
    There have been major riots in India because of the rape and murder opf Mahila.

    Yet, we in the UK have known of the continued rapes of young girls by Pakistani Muslims for over a decade. This is not a single case, but onm a large scale over a decade or more.

    The authorities-police and social services knew, and turned a blind eye. The Home Office must have known, as that is the only way the police would have turned a blind eye. But the main fault lies with us. We did not even protest, leave alone riot. And that allowed the authorities to let sleeping dogs lie.

    Now politicians, as usual, are passing the buck on to social services and the police. But the real fault lies with us. We did NOTHING.
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  • 3 Jan 2013, 10:52 PM Urban11 wrote:
    I seem to recall that the accused koranimals each got £50k compo for defamation of character.
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    1. 5 Jan 2013, 1:02 AM DP111 wrote:
      We need a Reconquista???

      Sure we do. But till we have faith in God, we will never have the massive courage required to oppose, both intellectually and physically, the massive enemies arraigned against us.

      The Spanish Reconquista succeeded only after Irish monks hastened to Spain to put steel into the backbones of the Spanish. We need a similar transplant.

      For some reason, in the last two hundred years, Christian pastors the world over have preached that Christians resist evil only by peaceful means. This was never the case in the previous 1800 years.

      The result has been the mental and physical disarmament of Christians worldwide. As a direct consequence, Christians are going to their deaths likes lambs to the slaughter, while the priests, who as shepherds are obligated to defend them, merely bless and console the lambs that their rewards will be in heaven. The result is that the good die enmasse, while evil prospers, with ever increasing numbers to perpetrate their evil on others.
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  • 4 Jan 2013, 6:27 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Feel the love from the immigrants:
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  • 28 Jan 2013, 6:34 AM Samir Karnik wrote:
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