Pigs at the trough - also known as "the British MP"

Just how long are we going to tolerate this most disgusting group of people, these people - who honestly believe that they are our betters - honestly believe that their worth is greater than yours or mine - that we are inconsequential  and our only purpose is to create wealth which they can then take.

The above describes the Feudal system of government that exists in this country - nowadays it is called parliament but in reality it is no better than the feudal system of the Norman invasion - we are still  serfs and bonded men.

The Barons and Lords are now called politicians, and in common with the Barons and Lords of old their main function in life is to get fat off the efforts of others. These politicians make all sorts of claims that they have "our best interests at heart", this statement is directly comparable to the "Arbiet Macht Frei" sign as you enter Auschwitz - the lie really is that big .

As the working people of this land struggle to make ends meet, the politicians have made sure that those who don't want to work - and thus claim benefits, their benefits rise - this secures the voter base - and those claiming benefits who do want to work have great difficulty in getting work, because most of the jobs have gone to foreign labour - who will work cheaper than home grown workforce.

The politicians themselves have called for a 32% pay increase - 32% that's £21,000 a year extra - in many cases that is more that some peoples yearly salary.

These completely amoral people now want more of our cash to sell us down the river, I f I were a Pig feeding at the trough, and an MP came to join in  -I would leave - I am fussy who I eat with.

What will happen - probably nothing - again we will sit back and let this abuse happen - we really are a sad nation and these people - the politicians know this  and they will continue to milk us dry and sell us out, they will flood the country with the dross of Europe and the middle east and this country will disappear into the quagmire of the Neo fascist EU.

My God what has happened to my country.


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