The government is continuing it's deconstruction of this land, it is really time that we deconstructed the government

This country is on course to explode - there is only so much any population will tolerate

Gordon Brown declared that British jobs were for British people, of course that all depends on what you call British and we all know that Gordon Brown signed away most of "British sovereignty" when he signed the Lisbon Treaty.

Now in these austere times we learn that whilst many people here are out of work and more are losing their jobs on a daily basis job vacancies in the UK are being advertized abroad, 170,000 jobs to be precise.

This is far more than any other EU country, these jobs are advertized by a tax funded Brussels operation - we are paying to fill jobs in this country with foreigners.

This is yet another example of how the government is undermining the British people and creating a second class population in our own country and, at the same time, berating those unemployed as workshy.

This action only fuels the immigration crisis that we have in this country - more people flooding in- displacing the existing population, taking the jobs and consuming all the benefits that they have not paid in for.

The "officials" say that there is no evidence that foreign workers take jobs from the host country population - of course there is no evidence, the government are not going to make such information available to us.

We are probably the only country in the EU that does not insist on people coming here being able to speak, read and write the English language effectively, our benefits system will also attract people from all over, yes they may have a job when they get here - but for how long.

When you look at this situation together with all of the other things happening, such as mass immigration and the open borders of the EU, which allow millions more to flood in you could be forgiven for thinking that an exercise in population replacement is being carried out - reduce the host population to second class level and whilst this is being done import all and sundry to replace them - white flight to Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada is increasing.

This situation is now getting close to critical and sadly I am sure that violence will manifest in the towns, villages and cities of this country.

The government is continuing it's deconstruction of this land, it is really time that we deconstructed the government


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