The people of this country should be deeply ashamed of their response to these awful crimes

Today 4-6 people demonstrated outside of the Old Bailey, they were demonstrating about the case currently being heard, the case where 9 Muslim men are accused of the rape, trafficking, abuse, intimidation, grooming and forcing into prostitution young girls of this country.

Yes we have witnessed this before, we all know that this happened in the North of England, the pattern of the crime is exactly the same as the Muslim men in Rochdale and other Northern towns used.

The young girls in this case were exposed to such levels of human depravity it is almost impossible to even contemplate how they will recover - if ever - the irony is that whatever road to recovery these girls take the recovery will be managed by the very people that should have seen what was happening and stopped it, who are those people - they are the Social Services.

The victims were all high risk vulnerable young girls.

You have to question the role of social workers in all of these cases, what were they doing, this abuse was after all taking place over years. There is an answer to this but I have no certain proof so I cannot publicize it - yet

The people of this country should be deeply ashamed of their response to these awful crimes, I know I am, we should be out on the streets demanding the death penalty, we should be out on the streets demanding that the government and all statutory bodies be held culpable for the fate that these young girls suffered.

For it IS they who are culpable, it is governments who allowed these people to flood into our land, it is statutory bodies that swept all under the carpet, it is government that through rafts of legislation have placed these people in a position that they think they are unassailable, it is government that has created a situation where the host population of this land are penalized if they dare to criticize the immigrant - on any level.

We all know the government will never acknowledge its pivotal role in theses atrocities, thus is it not now time for us to take the lead, a handful of brave principled people took to the streets - I am surprised that they were not removed for causing a public disturbance or creating community disharmony.

We have mass rapist in the UK, the accused all pleaded not guilty - of course they would - they do not accept man made law, all they were doing is what their prophet(may piiss be upon him) did, and people still do in Islamic countries.

Only recently, in Pakistan, a young girl of 15 was sold to a 90 year old man - as a wife!!

Muslims in this country are no different, indeed they are so confident that naught will happen to them that they now patrol the streets of London(thank you anonymous).  Anjem Choudary and his group of reprobates tried to declare Sharia areas of London  some time ago - this present attempt appears to be by another bunch of Muslims.  The article in the commentator states at the end that this group have no connection with the main Muslim community - WRONG
The Muslim community will be supporting this, they will deny it publicly - they always deny everything publicly.

In this country we have people who are prepared to terrify young girls by threatening to cut their heads off - and do not think for one moment that they would not do so ( this is completely Islamic), people who will violate to such an extent that the girls internal organs are damaged, beat them with baseball bats and employ any other vile method of humiliation that they can to gain supremacy over their victims - this is the reality of Islam, this is no deviation - this is full on Koranic Islam and ALL Muslims read the same book - male and female.

The gangs roaming London-the foot soldiers, are equally as venomous as the rapists, these gangs would not think twice about raping a girl - just to "teach her a lesson" should her demenour not please the gang members.

Red Rose wrote in a recent post " send the government a white feather"  that is what we should do, we should send white feathers to all MP's to show them what we think of them, and that they are cowards who will not defend this country or it's people from predation by other cultures and countries. Can you imagine what Cameron would feel like if he got hundreds of white feathers sent to him - or any other so called politician for that matter.


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