We are the Titanic heading towards the iceberg - you cannot blame the iceberg

Our town is like a foreign country, so stated a resident of Boston Lincolnshire, this of course was rebutted by the academic who argued that immigration was not having such an impact on British society.

This shows the complete disconnect that many in academia now have with the realities of life in this country, they share this disconnect with the government and many local officials.

Sadly it is these so called "experts" that  the government listen to and in in many cases pay them tens of thousands of Pounds in consultancy fees to give spurious and inaccurate information - which the government then  accepts as fact.

This really is the case of the Blind leading the blind, now how would the "academics" describe a lot of people demonstrating in their home town about the vast number of immigrants that have flooded there, what would they say, would they say the people of that town are deluded? - probably - would they say that the people of that town are xenaphobic - again probably. The fact is clear, whenever the people of this country object to ANYTHING they are the ones that are wrong.

There is to be a demonstration in Spalding,:- a demonstration about the number of migrants that have descended upon the people of that small town.

“Europeans cannot come here and think they can act in the same way as they do abroad. People don’t want drinking and urinating in the streets, overcrowding in properties and lack of jobs.

“Residents are becoming afraid to go out, especially at night. We’ve had six murders in three years – and that’s just Boston and Spalding.

The above is just one facet of the plague that has been invited in to our country, another far larger facet is the number of Non EU people that have swamped this land, this is now manifesting in far more serious ways.

In Banbury :-
Thank you anonymous

At Banbury Magistrates’ Court last Friday, Intab Hassan, 34, of Evenlode, Banbury, was found guilty of using threatening words or behaviour and racially-aggravated harassment against Paul Buckley.

In evidence, Mr Buckley, of Newland Place, Banbury, told the court how in June last year the defendant had parked his car on the pavement, blocking the entrance of his cul-de-sac. Mr Buckley said he had phoned the police to report the obstruction, but noticed Hassan walking back to his car and decided to approach him about the situation.

When he did, Mr Buckley said Hassan got aggressive and began making abusive and racist comments including “give it ten years you [expletive] will be gone and we’ll be in control”.

Hassan also used his mobile phone to get more of his countrymen to back him up, three car loads of his "Friends " arrived .

In Waltham Forrest east London, as I commented before, we have Muslim gangs declaring sharia law.

What this situation now clearly demonstrates that it is not just large cities that are being invaded it is also the small rural towns - the cancer is metastesizing.

Over the past few days we have all been aware of the hostage situation that took place in Algeria - again people have died at the hands of Islam - "We are only here for the Christians" later - a little while after this declaration people died, and yes they were Christian.

Do not for one moment think that the agenda of the Muslims in this country is anything different from the one declared above

If you invite the plague in then the plague will do what the plague does - you cannot blame the plague, you can blame the people who let the plague in and you can most certainly blame them for not allowing the host population the use of any antidote.

Tragically the majority of the population deny this situation - especially the generation from about 1980 onwards, they may know or feel that something is wrong but they are simply not able to identify what it is that's wrong, they have been taught not to question, they have been taught not to challenge authority or the official view. and I use the word "taught" instead of educated - being educated is a totally different thing to being taught how to do something, you can teach somebody how to build a wall - they could be completely unaware of WHY the wall was needed.

As a consequence of this we have a population that is at a loss as to what to do about the situation here in the UK, - this is perfect for the government and it's cronies because they can now tell the people what to do under the guise what "is in the best interests of the country" and the mass of people will accept this.

Is it any wonder that we have young people in this country that are only being taught how to pass an exam - not educated in the subject matter - but just how to pass the test - and these young people actually see people like Katie Price as a role model

Those who do understand what is happening are sidelined, they are heretics going against the word of authority.

On a personal note - I was lucky - I loved school and had great teachers - later as a student I had lecturers that brought subjects to life, and linked what they taught to all related fields - I was educated, I m not sure now if it has become a curse, because what I see makes me despair.

We are undoubtedly under attack, a house divided cannot sustain itself, the attack we are currently undergoing is an attack designed to split the house and thus render the occupants - the host population incapable of surviving.

The signs and symptoms of the invited Plague become ever more common, smaller infestations are invited in, this is to distract from the real threat, the Eastern Europeans are a smaller plague but they are being given high publicity - high profile - this distracts people from the real major threat and influx of people from non European countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and other such places.

What are we to do, we are in dire straits - we are the Titanic heading for the iceberg - nobody can blame the iceberg when we hit it.

We must take every opportunity to enlighten a blighted generation - in pubs, clubs, on the buses, wherever a contact can be made, we have to show them that there is more to being of this land than emulating a foul mouthed rapper, or a past it wanna be porn actress like Katie Price


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