The British taxpayer bankrolls Islamic violence

Cameron has mimicked Blair in his speech to parliament today, he has used the same rhetoric as Blair did prior to the Iraq war:-

In a stark warning, Mr Cameron told MPs

 ‘Together with our partners in the region, we are in the midst of a generational struggle against an ideology which is an extreme distortion of the Islamic faith, and which holds that mass murder and terror are not only acceptable but necessary.

‘We must tackle this poisonous thinking at home and abroad and resist the ideologues' attempt to divide the world into a clash of civilisations.

Cameron also stated that these acts of terrorism are a perversion of the Islamic faith - Tony B.liar must have written this speech.

Again the real point is being ignored, these so called "terrorists" cannot operate without funding, resources are being made available to them to purchase weapons, travel, run websites, buy computers, high explosives, run training camps - where is this funding coming from.

Saudi Arabia - certainly - Iran certainly, and now that the "Arab spring has produced governments that are primarily the Muslim Brotherhood you can include most North African Arab states.

In addition to the above you can include all of the Muslim diaspora, wherever they may be. Money from Mosques all over the world - but especially in Europe, the UK and USA will be channeled through to these so called terrorists.

Cameron has pledged support to African countries facing this so called threat - that is political speech for - MORE AID, yes folks were going to give them more money - a great deal of this money will find it's way into funding the "terrorist"

A great deal of the money from the UK, directed to the terrorist, will actually come out of your pocket , my pocket every taxpayers pocket simply because a huge number of Muslims in the UK receive benefits of one kind or another, I remember the figure of 42% being quoted as the percentage of Pakistani people being unemployed - that was about a year watch this - thank you DP111

We the taxpayer are funding Muslims to attack us - how bloody stupid can you get. if you really want to stop these people then there is only one language that they understand.

If any British lives are under threat from being taken hostage or any other Islamic violence then:-

Make it clear to the perpetrators that if any harm befalls those British citizens 10 Muslims for every hostage will be taken.  If any hostage is killed then  10 will be executed. - Barbaric, uncivilized and bloody - that is true but it is the only language these moronic stone age people understand. People such as Anjem Choudary and his associates could be rounded up quite quickly - then we kill two birds with one stone

We could also level a Mosque - just to drive the message home.

ALL monies collected in Mosques must be submitted to the state and distributed by the state - this would stop much of the funding flow from Europe and the UK.

Stop all further building of Mosques.

Stop all immigration from Muslim countries

Actively encourage Muslims to leave the country, if any of the above happened I think they would only be too keen to leave.

Some of you may think I am being a little extreme - maybe so, but everything else has failed, common sense has failed, negotiating has failed, acquiescence has failed, preferential treatment has failed, all reasonable approaches have failed - these people still crave the destruction of the West - at any cost to us - they must be stopped dead in their tracks - literally.


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