Educated white flight - 2 million have left the country

The consequences of mass immigration into any country are far reaching, one of the lesser known consequences is the exodus of the people of the host nation, this happens when the host population sees their country and their role in that country diminished and rendered of less value that the immigrant.

People start leaving, looking for a place where they are valued and their contributions to their new society are deemed of value.

In the previous post I alluded to my own education and how good it was, and that I was probably lucky that I was educated at that time and in the UK when education was education, I was not alone in receiving this education, indeed many thousands of children at that time will have received a very good basic education and gone on to further education of equally high quality - and then on to hopefully productive and rewarding working life.

It saddens me to learn that millions of well educated people of this land are now leaving, 2,000,000 over the past ten years, there are those that will say "oh they have just gone for the money" that may be true for some but it usually takes much more than that for a person to up sticks and leave their country of birth and all that goes with that.

The UK is now becoming a haven for the uneducated - yes call me an intellectual snob if you wish - I don't really care, the facts are in front of you, the population replacement programme is working - we get the semi literate - those educated here leave - thank you Nu Labour

Millions of people have come here and are not even basically educated, they come from villages in the Pakistani hinterlands or the hills of Afghanistan , many are graduates in crime from places like Somalia.

Attempts to educate these people have been made, under the guise of "equalities" standards of education have been reduced to the bare minimum - working to the lowest common denominator - not the highest factor.

Many truly educated people have come  to the UK in the past - people with brilliant minds and razor sharp intellects - now even they are leaving - they like the millions that are leaving these shores today are finding themselves "surplus to requirements"

This betrayal of intellect that is an on going trend in today's UK society will render the UK unable to sustain itself, this land will become dependent on external innovation, creation, design, we will become consumers of other people ingenuity.

As the population becomes more and more incapable, the betrayal of the children of this land becomes even more noticeable, for they are no longer being educated - the brightest and best are leaving, taking with them skills and knowledge that will be passed on to others in distant lands - who will teach the children here.

Even now we have the stupid situation of undergraduates being taught by people who have only one Degree, Masters students are being taught by people who do not have a Phd - the standards must drop, we have teachers teaching Maths who may only have A level or less -= this is a downward spiral. - a friend of mine used to teach technical engineering at a college - he has been made redundant - how can this be.

As more and more semi literate people flood into the UK more and more resources will be taken from main stream education (such as it is) to facilitate the teaching of basic literacy and numeracy - the knowledge and skills for further educational development will have gone - this will hasten the death of this land - it will be consumer only and as long as the people who are here can switch something on or off that will suffice - how what they switch on works will be something that they do not need to know.

It is no coincidence that the surge in people leaving the UK coincides exactly with the time Blair opened the flood gates


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  • 23 Jan 2013, 10:54 PM Anonymous wrote:
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  • 24 Jan 2013, 12:08 PM DP111 wrote:

    The PhDs of today are not worth the paper they are printed on. PhD students these days are required to simply tick the boxes i.e., do the course modules, collect data, number crunch the data using a Microsoft spreadsheet, then write the lot. Finished.

    No kidding. Its just not in non-scientific subjects such as biology or medicine, but genuine science disciplines, such as Physics.
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    1. 24 Jan 2013, 12:17 PM Anonymous wrote:
      I think all educational qualifications have deteriorated in quality. This has happened to a large extent over the past 10 or so years. For example, the A levels now are of such low quality relative to 15 years ago. If this is ever pointed out to pupils or teachers or politicians the standard response is that they have worked really hard. The level at which people work is not necessarily indicative of their ability or achievement. They seem incapable of understanding that. Scary.
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  • 24 Jan 2013, 5:32 PM Anonymous wrote:
    OMG Sky News actually covered the patrols on the tv today!!!
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  • 24 Jan 2013, 5:54 PM Urban11 wrote:
    Looking at the situation from above this is what is happening....
    White, Christian, skilled,taxpaying, law abiding, English speaking people are leaving, and being replace with brown,muslim,unskilled,welfare dependent,criminal illeterates.
    The number of people who vote for a living will soon exceed those who work for a living. UKIP is now our only hope, I pray Farage doesn't sell out.
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  • 25 Jan 2013, 4:15 PM Bobo wrote:
    "....a friend of mine used to teach technical engineering at a college - he has been made redundant - how can this be."

    Technical education (industrial/trade skills-based vocational training)has never been properly implemented in the Uk, although it was given equal theoretical weight in the post-war welfare state concept. Polytechnics were supposed to be oriented towards this, but mostly ended up as wishy-washy liberal arts degree-dispensers. I've no idea if the old woodwork/metal work rooms at my old grammar school are still in use, but given that the playing fields were sold off some while ago, I'd bet not. Probably they've been converted to 'performance arts labs' or something similar. This retreat happened because of the feminisation of the curriculum (and the preponderance of vociferous feminists amongst educationalists), academic snobbery and, most importance, the tacit acceptance amonst our elite that the skills taught in a technical curriculum would not be important in their vision of the future UK. In short, the component of education that might be reasonably acceptable to the young male working class student were quietly ditched.
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    1. 25 Jan 2013, 6:04 PM DP111 wrote:
      You've struck the nail on the head. The debasement of education, particularly engineering and Physics, was done with the objective of making them attractive to women.

      The change to a module system, a large component of assessed work, and a two semester system, was also done with the same purpose.

      Young men respond to challenge- the more difficult the challenge the more attractive it is to young men. Not so girls.

      I'm glad to see that Michael Gove intends to bring back the traditional system. Not unexpectedly, it is women who are complaining.

      The difficulty is that the present generation of teachers have been taught by teachers who themselves were taught by badly educated teachers.

      Its going to be a long haul, unless Michael Gove requests long retired teachers in universities, colleges and schools, to come back for a couple of years. It will also require summoning long retired machinists. It will be a "Dunkirk" style call to the beaches.
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    2. 25 Jan 2013, 6:10 PM DP111 wrote:
      Technical education (industrial/trade skills-based vocational training)has never been properly implemented in the Uk, ..

      Where it os done properly is in Germany and Switzerland. That is why Germany is now not just the industrial superpower of Europe but the world. China merely begs, borrows or steals German machine tools, and chemical processes. The UK and the US outsourced their industry long while back. All we (US and UK) can do now, is to print money and give it Orwellian names - Quantitative Easing.
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