The Freudian slip exposes Warsi for what she is

baroness warsi is at it again, she is off on her high horse saying that "it is our duty to counteract perception of Muslims", this follows the result of a poll showing that 75% of the people in this country see Islam as incompatible with our way of life and culture.

Oh I get it, the 25% who do not see Islam as a problem are OK, the majority, 75% are all wrong, let us take a look at the "25%", I am assuming that in the polling sample all ethnic minorities were included and all levels of society were represented.

We can assume that 6% of the sample were Muslim - they would not say Islam was incompatible
We can assume the same for other ethnic minorities - about 4% - we are now down to 15% of the population that think Islam is OK - remove another 3% for people who live without the blight - ie stockbroker belt and poluticians etc and we are left with 12% of the ordinary non Muslim population of the UK who think Islam is OK. I stress this little exercise is completely hypothetical and non scientific - therefore it could be said that 88% 0f the people of this country oppose Islam - yes this little exercise can be pulled apart easily but interesting non the less.

Warsi was speaking at MAMA(Measuring anti Muslim attacks), during her diatribe she said:-

Now it’s our duty to counteract this perception of Muslims. To those who say that there is a conflict of being loyal to Britain and a Muslim, you have to look no further than Mohamed Farah.

“Our national hero is a practising Muslim. The double gold medallist saw no conflict between crossing the finish line in the Union Flag and dropping to the ground in prayer.

"Our national hero" remember the audience she was addressing - this is a superb Freudian Slip, in the first instance she speaks in the singular, secondly the audience will have been mainly Muslims accompanied by their useful idiots. she has completely ignored all the other athletes - including the Paralympians - were they "not heroes" Ms Warsi - (personally I do not think any of them were "Heroes" in the true sense of the word but I digress)

Our national hero must in this scenario relate to Muslims in the UK - how inclusive of you Ms Warsi

Mrs Warsi must be completely blind - or simply chooses to ignore what is happening in this country. It really is time for a body that measures Muslim attacks - on non Muslims, we all know that this information is NOT recorded in the crime statistics - it is rain coated with the word "Asian"

Is Ms Warsi aware of the vigilantes, the declarations of "Muslim areas", the rapes both mass and in the singular - the violence and intimidation that is used by Muslims to drive out "Kuffar" businesses and people from their homes, forcing them to move, the high level of abusing females generally?.

Our Troops go out to help Muslim countries(Libya for example). when this is done the Muslims start killing the westerner, killing Christians and openly declaring that is what they want to do

Ms Warsi may well be aware of all the above, she will never admit it, of course all the above is caused by the failure of the host population to include, and give ground to Muslims and Islam.

The Freudian slip exposes Warsi for what she is - a Manchurian candidate, working towards and furthering the Islamic cause. Do not be fooled, she knows exactly what she is doing, the more disharmony produced by Islam the stronger the yells of Islamophobia will be.


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