White flight in the UK - it's all our fault - Again

The balkanization of the UK is getting near completion, the English society is being permanently fractured, people are leaving  the urban areas and leaving these areas to the immigrant, why are they leaving these areas , well according to Demos and Birkbeck college the reasons are as follows:-

"Better quality air, cheaper homes and better schools" - anything but the truth.

This action taken by white people and called "white flight" is apparently creating an "ethnic cliff" - I am not sure what an ethnic cliff is but according to Demos etc it is the white people who are self segregating.

It takes a great deal to happen to persuade people to leave their roots, be those roots in Hackney or the dales of Yorkshire - far more than " fresh air".

When where you live and have lived, in many cases for generations, is completely taken over and becomes an alien place that you cannot recognize or identify with - that is when you leave.

Of course it is our fault - again, It is not the result of millions of immigrants entering the country and being allowed to live in the way they lived in their home countries, pressurizing and indeed openly harassing white people to move out of the district, where schools no longer have English as the first language, the increase of crime in the areas, where our customs and traditions are seen as provocative and consequently banned, where gangs roam the streets declaring that such and such area is no longer British but under Islamic law.

Leave , yes people would leave, they would go to a place that they can identify with and feel safe in - they would also consolidate - the lines will be drawn - soon no more land will be given up

Professor Kaufman speaks of "white avoidance of ethnic groups" - our fault again folks - the Prof does not address the issue of ethnic communities only wanting ethnic people in their community, preferably all of the same ethnicity - NOT WHITE English/british, and the lengths that these "minorities will go to, to ensure that white people leave. - of course these poor immigrants are completely blameless and at the mercy of the horrible racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic white people.

This report will be used by the Ethnic minorities spokesmen/women to further back up their claim that they are a marginalized segment of the population - this will prompt the government to "take measures to open up the "white areas", social housing will be built and populations transferred from inner city ghettos to "new build ghettos in the middle of rural towns and villages, and then the whole process of "persuading the white people to leave will start again.

And of course - it will all be our fault -Again


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