Further evidence of the overt favouritism to the Islamic world - and Acid in the face for a young girl

We have the right to have food labeled and described correctly, so says David Heath the Food and Farm Minister( I didn't even know we had one of those) this of course only becomes a right when the prisoners of cell block H - who happen to be Muslim have food given to them that supposedly contains Pork DNA - not meat - just the DNA.

The BBC loved this, they even put it out on BBC News 24, of course the Muslim world reeled at such barbaric insensitivity being shown to the criminals in our prisons - a large proportion of whom are Muslims

One Muslim newspaper editor said :-

Ahmed Versi, said: "This is very serious because no Muslim would ever eat pork meat - anything to do with pork - and it must be very distressing for those in prison who have been given this meat to realise they may have been eating food which was contaminated with pig."

Very serious, how is it serious? these prisoners like all others are fed, kept sake, warm, have TV and computers, do not have to pay for their accommodation, have "halal toilets", their own prayer rooms and Imam - what more do they want, DNA is not flesh.

These people are seriously taking the P**s

The actions taken by the prison and the food industry in response to this  incredibly minor incident is far in excess of any action taken by them when Halal food is found to be introduced into the main food stream, and we the consumer are NOT told about this - such occurrences are deemed too trivial by the Food industry, why is there one rule for Muslims and a different one for us?? - answers on a postcard please to - David Heath, Minister for food and farms, the House of Commons, London.

Further evidence of the overt favouritism to the Islamic world comes in the shape of a Conservative Councillor by the name of Chris Joannides - he has been suspended because it is claimed he insulted or behaved in a racist way towards Muslims - all together now - "Muslims are not a race"  therefore he cannot have been "racist"

Needless to say Mr Joannides has been suspended

His fellow Conservative councillors decided to suspend Joannides over the comments. Over a picture of a woman and child dressed in burqas, with a black binbag either side of them, Joannides appeared to have written: "I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn't have to get all pissed off and threaten me … an honest mistake."

More P**s taking by the religion of piiss, and the actions taken by his "fellow" Councillors was truly pathetic.

 There has been a few articles in the press about Muslims "battling" the negative image of Islam and especially violence towards women, they say Islam protects women and values them and that the Muslim male does not beat his wife or kill his daughters and that they are peaceful people.

I would like to see them tell that to this young lady who was quietly walking home and a Burka clad person threw acid in her face.

Naomi Oni, 20, was on her way home from work to her home in Dagenham, East London, on 30 December when an anonymous attacker, wearing a niqab, threw the corrosive liquid at her, leaving her with serious burns on her head, neck, arms, legs and body.

Great effort is taken by the Independent to avoid using the word Muslim thus implying that it may be someone disguised in a Niqab.

The clue to this, in my opinion, is where this young girl worked - she worked at "Victoria's Secret" a Lingerie shop in Stratford east London - this type of shop is seen as sinful to Muslims, Muslims throw paint over billboards showing lingerie - because it is sinful, the person who did this was a Musllim - that is my opinion - I could be wrong.


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