Attempted assassination of Lars Hedegaard

It is said that sunlight kills vampires, the light kills the dark, life flourishes in the light therefore anyone who shines the light on, or into dark places becomes the enemy of the dark.

Islam is dark - very dark and will whenever possible try to extinguish those who shine light upon it,

Lars Hedegaard is one such torchbearer, he has been shining light on Islam for many years, Islam could not tolerate this so Islam tried to kill him - thankfully he was not injured.

This attempt upon his life is typical of Islam, what Islam does not like or understand it will kill whenever possible.

Lars Hedegaard is not deliberately high profile, not an attention seeker he just gets on with what he believes in, He is now under police protection - I hope all goes well for him and his family.

Islam will try again, the dark will try to extinguish the light - Take very good care Mr Hedegaard the messengers of Islam do not easily give up - please be very careful - keep safe and carry on doing what you are doing.

Is it not interesting - the BBC, ITV and other UK TV channels have not mentioned this at all yet when it concerns Muslims and Pork DNA in their food - we get wall to wall coverage

Thank you Anton

Danish historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard Jensen, chairman of the Danish Free Press Society recipient of the 2012 ICLA ”Defender of Freedom Award”, today narrowly survived an assassination attempt without harm. Police is investigating the case urgently.

At 11:21, a man rang the doorbell at the private home of Lars Hedegaard, pretending to deliver a package. After having handed over the parcel, the man brought out a gun and fired two shots at Lars Hedegaard. Both shots missed, after which the gun jammed. After a short fight, the would-be assassin tried again to fire the gun, but when it still failed to function, the attacker fled and is still at large.

Lars Hedegaard, founder and chairman of the Danish Free Press Society and editor of the recently launched newspaper Dispatch International, has been brought to safety, while Danish police has deployed some 30 officers around his home searching for the perpetrator. He is thought to be 25 to 30 years old, Arabic-looking with dark hair, wearing a red, postman-style coat.


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