What price for a young girls life

What price a child's life? - well in Saudi Arabia, the epicentre of all that is Islamic it appears to be £30,000, this is the amount paid to the mother of a young girl called Lama, now it must be stressed that the blood money paid is HALF that of what would have been paid if the murdered child had been a boy. The murderer was Lama's father a notable cleric in Saudi Arabia

Lama was raped, beaten, burned and subjected to vile abuse.

Lama suffered multiple injuries including a crushed skull, broken ribs and back, bruising and burns. She had been raped repeatedly and died of her injuries in October

Lama suffered multiple injuries including a crushed skull, broken ribs and back, bruising and burns. She had been raped repeatedly and died of her injuries in October

The women are just as bad, the "Blood money is to be paid to his wife - this gives a whole new meaning to "keeping it in the family" . What mother could sell her child - even in death, to the person who killed that child.

The Mother MUST have known what was happening - she must be complicit in this slaughter of a young girl.

The UK has many Muslims, If clerics in the heart of Islam do this to their children and get off with it then is it any wonder that we have a plague of rape - especially of young girls, by Muslims in the UK.

Integration is a joke - this will never happen in the UK, so called modern Islam in Saudi Arabia still practice the debase arcane acts that their so called prophet did - they will NEVER integrate.

The Muslim of 2013 is exactly the same as the Muslim in 1400 - barbaric, uncivilized and murderous.

To further reinforce this, another whacked out Saudi Arabian  so called "Cleric" has stated in a fatwa that "baby girls must wear a full Burka, he says this will stop the abuse of young girls - there is clearly a big problem in Saudi concerning paedophillia and the subsequent abuse and death of young - very young girls.

We Must remember that these "clerics" influence Muslims all over the World - Muslims will do what they say and do.

This horrific act took place in 2013 in a so called modern Saudi Arabia - the mindset of the parents is clear, this child was a girl and thus usable and disposable - how long before it happens here - well it probably already has and will continue to happen - such is the nature of the beast called Islam.

Girls born into the Muslim community here in the UK are extremely vulnerable and will no doubt fall victim to the males perverted pleasure principle - they will then put what remains of their daughters in the bin

Dear Lama,

Rest in peace - you are free now, no more pain, no more fear, you have gone to a better place where Allah does not exist


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  • 5 Feb 2013, 5:27 PM Anton wrote:
    OT: Today an assassination attempt was made on the Danish free speech activist, Lars Hedegaard: http://gatesofvienna.net/2013/02/the-attempted-assassination-of-lars-hedegaard/
    "This morning an attempt was made to assassinate Lars at his home in Copenhagen. If the assailant’s gun hadn’t jammed, I might have been writing Lars’ obituary instead of this report. As it is, Lars is unharmed, but in shock over what happened. The police believe two men were involved in the attempted murder, and both of them are still at large.

    The Danish media have not hesitated to describe the culturally enriched appearance of the main attacker, and some reports describe him as a Pakistani. Danish television says that all politicians in the parliament are talking about the situation. Normal work has been suspended."
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