Now we know where Shergar went

Just a quick word about the "Horse meat" in meat products, people are horsing about with this, Coca Cola have stated that their is no trace of Shergar in their diet  Coke, other drinks manufacturers have also stated that their drinks are Shergar free but that there could be a dash of "Red Rum" in some low alcohol drinks.

The halal food industry now want to know if "Shergar" was slaughtered in the halal method, if so then its OK for prisoners to eat the meals provided - however Red Rum is definitely a no no.

Food inspectors are galloping off all over the place in order to find any more traces of this meat, and the poluticians are trotting off to places of safety away from the UK public

There are reports coming in that people have been seen leaping over high fences - however there is no truth in the rumour that show jumping Horses have been slaughtered and introduced into our food chain


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