Such treachery is unparalleled in the history of this country.

So now we know, Cameron has just opened the door to unlimited immigration from the Indian sub continent, and now we learn that he is after the £6 billion contract to supply the "Eurofighter to India.

As you know the Eurofighter is made all over Europe, BAE make only a part of this aircraft so the deal- if struck will benefit the whole of the EU, the UK will get some of the returns.

Cameron who always proclaims that he wiil get immigration under control,  will apparently wive this pledge to serve the EU, Francios Hollande has failed to secure the deal on his visit to India.

The people of Europe will not pay the price for this deal, it will be you and I, yet more people will flood into this country placing even further stress on our already overladen services and finances'

Again the people of this land have not been asked if we agree with this blatant selling of our country - no the polutitians simply do as they wish with impunity.

This deal - if it goes through will be floated as a "deal good for Britain and British jobs", if the deal does NOT go through will the open door to India be closed? - I think not, we will still get increased immigration.

In 1820 a man called William Cobbett wrote:-

A national debt and all the taxation and gambling belonging to it has a tendency to draw wealth into great masses - for the gain of the few, The debt , the blessed debt is hanging around the neck of this nation like a millstone

This country has huge debts - as you all know, it's infrastructure is crumbling under the weight of mass immigration - as the debt increases our politicians get richer, the bankers get richer and the lackeys of both get richer.

The people on the other hand are fed false platitudes, and their land is handed over to foreign powers that insist that all and sundry can come here and live - take without contributing - be supported by the government when they trample over our  culture, customs, beliefs and practices - all in the name of multiculturalism.

I wonder what kind of deal Cameron has struck with Bulgaria and Rumania or the EU, we are as you know going to get many more people from these countries - how this will benefit the UK is any ones guess - the reality I suspect is that it will not.

Our poluticians continue to sell off this country, they continue to deliberately destabilize the host population by allowing mass immigration - such treachery is unparalleled in the history of this country.

The host population is the victim of this and previous governments actions against it, it is also the victim of mass immigration, which has brought with it an attack on the people of this land, which is sanctioned by the very people who are charged with defending us. They are clearly not doing so, indeed they allow even more in to prey upon those who are not allowed to defend themselves, - if they do they are criminalized by the state.

No wonder Churchill hang his head -


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