Jihadseekers allowance - from your local jobcentre

Anjem Choudary is at it again, I sometimes have to laugh at his antics but none the less I am grateful to Anjem and his bunch of ne'er do well associates for telling and reminding the people of the UK just how much of a cancer Islam is in the UK .

Many people are obsessing about the Eastern European influx at the moment - they are not the big problem, and no doubt the Muslim community is very glad that the attention has turned away from them, Islam is still the biggest problem in the UK and there are far more Muslims in the UK than there are Eastern Europeans.

Benefits are being paid to all of Anjem Choudary's little bunch of followers, Choudary himself receives £25,000+ per year, he calls this Jihadseekers allowance, he also urged others to take advantage of this money, he says it is only right to take money from the unbeliever, he also wants the Queen to worship Islam

Choudary has also called for the death of Cameron and Obama - of course nothing will happen to Choudary, there will be no benefits withdrawal, he will not be arrested for calling for the death of the Prime Minister, we can only contemplate as to why this is the case - he obviously has friends in high influential places - these people should be sought out and removed - it should not be that difficult to do.

As per usual Choudary states that  Europe will be Muslim and calls for Holy war, death to the infidel etc so on and so forth - but these statements to him are statements of belief and intent - therefore dangerous

This man is telling the truth about Islam and what it's aims are, the people of the UK should listen to him - then maybe they will realize that the threat is very real, in our country, and must be repulsed - removed from the UK


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  • 19 Feb 2013, 1:59 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Just been an awful incident with a British woman and some Bulgarian men. DO not let people tell you these Bulgarians are all coming here to be nice and good. This is not true.
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