If you are a patriot who values and supports their nation then you are a heinous xenophobic anti EU Islamophobic moron

This was inevitable, the old guard are now openly and viciously attacking UKIP likening them to the people who caused WW1 to start.

There is no dissemination of UKIP's policies just pure venomous diatribe, the old guard must be really rattled, in his rant Lord Tyler also said " we must remind ourselves of the futility of negative nationalism, so sharply distinct from positive patriotism.’

Mixed metaphors indeed, Lord Tyler is clearly not a patriot

A patriot is someone who feels a strong support for his or her country, a country is also a nation.

We can now expect much more of this bile coming from the mouths of our politicians, they will try to blacken the name of UKIP to such an extent that it will make UKIP a very unattractive choice for the voter, and at the same time marginalize those very voters as xenophobic bigots.

The message is clear if you are a patriot who values and supports their nation then you are   a heinous xenophobic anti EU Islamophobic moron, Thank you lord tyler, it is nice to know what you really think of the people of this land, especially those who do not share your somewhat twisted politics - one thing is certain, lord tyler - being a Lib Dem , is all too keen to swamp our country with all and sundry and then see this country blended into the EU - he wants the death of this nation - as do all Lib Dems



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