The toxic mix created by the Liberal left and the EU is starting to separate

There can be little doubt in anybody's mind now about the huge damage done to this country by by the left wing liberati, When I say left wing this basically includes all of the politicians in all the major parties, in no way can the conservative party claim to be right of centre, the other two - well you know where they are.

We now have the left wingers openly declaring how wrong they were to do what they did ( the Goodheart articles) how they twisted history in our schools, condemned and persecuted any who did not follow their dogma, expanded state control, created huge unelected quangos to control the population, deconstructed our culture, allowed millions of people into the country with the single intent of destabilizing a very steady population.

They tried to inflict upon the people of this country an impossible dream, the dream that all people everywhere can exist in the same place, the vehicle for this melting pot theory was created and it was called the European Union - this was miss sold to us under the guise of the EEC.

We now see the EU for what it really is, the developments over the past days regarding Cyprus have laid the EU bare, the debacle concerning immigration from the EU has demonstrated just how pernicious the social engineering of this group of highly destructive people really is.

The EU steals from people, it steals their money and it steals their countries, they, the "leaders" of the EU are now exposed as what can only be described as global criminals.

Here in the UK we have not felt the full force of the EU as yet but we will, our governments past and present have been and still are under the control of the godfathers of the EU - France and Germany, the result of this has been the creation of a fragmented nation whose population no longer have any say in which direction the country should go or develop.

The government extolls the benefits of belonging to this European club - we all know that there are no REAL benefits.

The BBC news yesterday started the war of words re immigration, on BBC news 24 it was stated that immigration was essential to this country and that "foreigners" were less likely to claim benefits than the rest of the population, it is the word "foreigner" and it's use that is interesting.

Who is a foreigner, is this a person that does not have a British passport,  BBC 24 reported that only 30% of foreigners claim benefits.

BBC 24 also stated that there was about 2 million people in the UK from the EU, are these the foreigners they speak of,
25% of 2 million is 500,000 - that's a lot of benefit money for a population of two million.

Are all those that have come from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other such places foreigners or does that not apply if they have a British passport, many of these people claim benefits.

A friend of mine works in the local council, last week an "Asian" woman approached him and said " now that I am Blitish(broken English) where do I go to claim the benefits, shortly afterwards a man approached my friend, my friend could not help him, the man did not speak a word of English. This I am told is a regular occurrence.

The real impact of immigration is never spoken about, all politicians concentrate on the money aspect, in fact the real vicious damage is what has been done to the people of this country, there has not been any thought or concern given to the effects of mass immigration on the society of this country.

You can mix oil and water but you have to force it to mix, and it will eventually separate, this is fact, the same applies to people and cultures - and this is what the EU and socialist politicians want, but without the separation, they are forcing the mix in the vain hope of realizing their deluded vision.

Have we benefited - of course not, we now have an increasingly alien landscape, Mosques tower over small towns and communities, we cannot speak our minds and what we truly feel to be true, diseases that were irradiated in this country are now back, TB is a classic example - and it is resistant to antibiotics.

Our young women and indeed men are not safe, they are targeted for sexual abuse on a VERY regular basis, by Pakistani men - who are NOT foreigners - because they have a British passport.

The health service is buckling under the weight of foreign babies being born and huge amounts of "not foreign" people coming into the UK from the middle east area etc, Ooops I'm sorry , I should not say such things - how remiss of me.

The toxic mix created by the Liberal left and the EU is starting to separate - as it inevitably would, this has to happen before this country can reinstate itself and again have pride in it' s existence.

OK rant over, thank you for reading - all comments welcome -- Gandalf


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